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This Project is for anyone who wants to get started in the DIY community, but don't have a sense of direction. I hope to present several different recourses including my own for this massive synth Matrix. In a nutshel its going to be a project you do at your own pace. I am still in the process of structuring of my tutorials as well as those  reffernced here. 

The end result will be a grid of VCO's addressable via an interface panel and a MIDI to CV panel. Every module in this grid adds up to one complete computer type system. The primary input will be MIDI, but in the near future I hope to create a compete set of tutorials of my own for my own project kits.

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Look Dad A Computer!

All the kits needed are from Bet Eater, Sam with LMNC, and Kristian Blasol. There will be some parts you will need to get to complete this series of tutorials. The most important one is patience. Specifically with yourself as this is an advanced complexity upon the projects provided by the DIY comunity. Which means you may need to complete the refferenced projects listed before you can start this one. The good news..... Is just about all of Ben Eaters parts kit can be reused for this project. 


This project is not associated with Ben Eater, Sam's LMNC, or Kristian Blisol. This is for educational purposes and to add to the tech community. 

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