My inner child like Spirituality in Art

Probably the bigest part of my craft is art and writing. I am always improving on this part of my imaginitive craft. Its probably the most important to me because its the back bone to my imaginitive craft. This is really where the expression of my inner child like spirituality shows. I use an autistic pacifier to help me focus and I also use it with anxiety and even depression. When ever things don't go the way as expected I find my connection to my inner self important. I have several different ways that I go about this and I prefer to think of it as a theraputic thing that gets me back to adult standards and expectations. Although I must admit. I throughly enjoy this part of my imaginitive craft. If some one regaurdless of age finds it helpful or inspiring then I am glad I reached some one.

My art may seem spread out, but it mostly revolves around sketching and planning. I try to improve my drawing skills in everything i do. I use line art in every one of my projects. With it ending up on the final product I really desire it to be something I can be proud of. My worst type of traditional art is landscape, ocean scenery, and plants. I hope to improve on these areas even though I really don't enjoy them. A really big thing in any imaginitive craft is not to avoid something only because your not good at it. The only reason anyone should not do a hobby is when its not useful to their projects or if there really is no way to reasonably encorperate it.

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