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My inner child like Spirituality in Art

Probably the bigest part of my craft is finding ways around my disability and life problems. I am always improving on this part of my imaginitive craft. Its probably the most important to me because its the back bone to qwho I am. This is really where the expression of my inner child like spirituality shows. I use an autistic pacifier to help me focus. When ever things don't go the way as expected I find my connection to my inner self important. I have several different ways that I go about this and I prefer to think of it as a theraputic thing that gets me back to adult standards and expectations. Although I must admit. I throughly enjoy this part of my imaginitive craft. If some one regaurdless of age finds it helpful or inspiring then I am glad I reached some one.

My art may seem spread out, but it mostly revolves around sketching and planning. I try to improve my drawing skills in everything i do. I use line art in every one of my projects. With it ending up on the final product I really desire it to be something I can be proud of. My worst type of traditional art is landscape, ocean scenery, and plants. I hope to improve on these areas even though I really don't enjoy them. A really big thing in any imaginitive craft is not to avoid something only because your not good at it. The only reason anyone should not do a hobby is when its not useful to their projects or if there really is no way to reasonably encorperate it.

"The Least of these" Problems

Perhaps the biggest part of this website is to remove the negative stigmas of different coping strategies. To admit to disability is to give up before the gunshot sounded and the race is over before it began. There are things you may not be able to do and people may not even believe it. They will go as far as to humiliate you just to prove a point. I myself have been mocked for things. Simply because I accomplished something, but in a different way they expected. Essentially the entire illustration of something that may seem very odd or unusual would be here to show it is possible. I won't be ashamed simply because it may not make sense or its  very strange. Remember this; "surrender to inability is admitting to disability." Stop calling it an inability and look for ways for a possiblity. Your imaginitive craft depends on it.

For me its illustrations of a child objects. Sometimes I really wish  people could see my efforts to be social. I tried many different ways to replace my pacifier and failed. I was at a complet loss because I could not explain it. Why does this work? A simple popsicle stick or tooth pick does not. In fact it either becomes physically painful or it just has no affect at all.

my automatic response is to clamp down on what ever is in my mouth. I would not even be aware of what I am doing until a sharp pain is accomanied by the taste of blood. It was never severe, but it was enough to irritate me. A tooth pick, popsicle stick, even a hard candy would be more socially acceptable then a pacifier. Yet, my auto response to anxiety is to grit my teath together.

One of my biggest revleations involved overcoming a social stigma. I found it much better to be greatful for an item used to overcome anxiety instead of questioning it. After doing much reading into the scriptures on the "least of these" and "putting away childishness" I realized a big problem. I was complicating  a detremental problem I had sense childhood. Any item resembling submissive behaviors made me unteachable. Even my spirituality was hindered by this. I could not become submissive in prayer and people could not help me solve problems. I don't learn the same way as everyone else. Accepting a pacifier was the begining to learning how to become the "least of these." If a pacifier causes me to become submissive and removed anxiety then why should I try so hard to change it?

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