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DIY Music and Composition

I probably built 50 failure guitars. However, I am beginning to wonder if they were indeed failures. Some of them did work, but were really hard to play. Others did not make it that far because I never could get the neck on without something going wrong. Yet, I am beginning to wonder if they should be called failures because each one taught me another lesson in how sound and mechanics of stringed instruments. In an imaginitive craft one has to consider when and why failure. Honestly Failure probably should be called failure when you did not learn anything. Learning is always of high value. The most important value is imagination. If you did not imagine then you never would be inspired much less desire to improve your imaginitive craft. This is an Imaginitive Craft afeter all. 

These pictures are different points of time and perspectives. My biggest lesson within my imaginitive craft fucus's how to become flexible.

 I used to rearang my apartment 3 or 4 times a year because of a projects complexity. The idea is to use all unlike hobbies to complete a craft in some way. Sometimes this does involve replanning the layout of my living conditions 

Biggest thing in my DIY music is how I use anything and everything. It can be paper craft or wood. The Biggest problem you encounter is structural intergrity. Once you resolve this problem things are much more straight forword.

Playability is the most important. However, in the long run musicians their own inner persona. Simply put; a musician will eventually decide what they prefer and it may not even be proper by the time they master their instrument. Every music teacher has their own list of pet peeves

The most readily available in any craft is paper and craft wood such as plywood or dowels. They come in all different shapes and forms. From popsicle sticks to pre cut wood. Even wooden dowels that are squar and popular stick shapes such as tooth picks. Some guitar players even made their own guitar completely out of trash with the exception of the strings. They just find different methods of tuning.  Gut strings made out of animal fibers is also popular. The local butcher probably makes interesting deals with some of us hobbyist. Literally anything within reason can be used. Don't let anyone tell you about how an instrument sounds. What we call timbre is persional prefference. A fleminco guitar will sound radically different then a jazz artchtop. Also a Fender with magnet and copper coil pick ups will voice differently the a silent guitar with piezo pickups. Do any of these not qaulify to be considered an instrument? They make sound don't they?

To me I find it better not to fight wih too many limitations. My first guitars that I learned on were made out of card board, paper, and craft wood. Originally I learned how to play on a First Act guitar. Back when i was a teenager they were the cheapest to get and even appeard in convienence stores. They were not really the best, but they get you started. Keep in mind your budget when selecting materials. If your still learning your instrument I encourage you to take lessons. If not lessons on a cheap premade instrument no matter what instrument you choose. Its better to start with something that gets you familure then an instrument you built only to get stuck on very bad habits.  

In building instruments you never want to go too far with expensive materials unless you know it will work. There should never be high end materials being used for an experemental method. Not just playable, but one that inspires you to play. My most expensive one was made out of oak lumber. The wood grain was wide to the point it caused snapped accross the grain line. Split so perfectly that you thought it was split fire wood. I learned a painful yet valuable lesson that day. I chose craft materials after that because I did not have as much money comming in. I was still job hunting and my budget was severely lemited. When I did get a job I went to better materials and built the guitar shown that is painted white. It has pink petals on the front. The back is the tree of life. Speaking specifically about God of the Holy Bible.

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