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The Guardians Devotionals

I been wanting to do something with my OC (original character). For a while. I figured it would not work out in the tutorials to get started. So, I decided on doing devotionals. My mother got me started with devotionals on webcam. I sort of went off the notes I take from sermons and created a couplenew ones. I do get that some stuff would be best not to use as my own. I hope I can at least qoute. When ever I do I will try to use a direct qoute and site my sources at the ned of everything. My focus will surround the young at heart artist and writer. I know this is a very specific area with not a lot of people, but honestly I might need to get better at writing before I actually solidify anything. 

This will basically be told as monologue first and then I hope to bring in my other characters. I like to think of them as tulpas because I find it helpful to pretend. Why write anything if you can't imagine right? Probably would not be my imaginitive craft without this concept. The veiw point will surround Lily due to how he is the star of this website. Mind you God is always first. My calling is by God and God alone. Everything I do with this calling is for his Glory. 

Characters For Devotional Illustrations

I did a blog based on some of my characters, but I think giving a bio of each one here will be important. Then there are th links to the official devotionals. Each one will read kind of like a story. It will start out with a generalized introduction and then it will splice into something very similar to a comic book or an old style book pages. I also hope to get this to be complete JPG's just so I can make it more of my own Imaginitive Craft.


      If Copying an 

    Image or Qouting 

These Characters will be trade marked and published in my books. Please keep that in mind when copying something. If possible please Provide a link. If not Use my OC's name "LP2Lily" and I appreciate it if you at minimum mention my name so I get credit. Thanks! 

Pebble Z

This used to be my OC Little Lily, but I decided on changing things. In the past I found myself with an odd sensation about my inner persona. Don't want to go into any details due to it gets persional. However, I did give this character a new name. I call him Pebble Z. His colors are sky blue for his coat, Purple and pink for his main. and I plan on changin his tail to fit who Pebble is. I will update this soon.  


He has a spirited persionality that is kin to a skate border or mountain climber. Very adventurous. I will update the image due to how this is a ponified version. Please do not confuse with Hasbro My little Pony. I am not affiliated with them. I was trying really hard to master my line art at the time. 

Little Lily

This is my OC named Little Lily. He has the persionality of a ten year old, but sometimes imagines himself as little as a toddler. Sometimes he even falls into this persionality when under a lot of stress or the recovery from situations. He really loves to play the cello and modulate things with home brew tech.

His colors are royal blue, pink, his main and tail is a dark midnight blue that comes into a lighter blue. Then there is the spaced out purple areas. He has three different autistic pacifiers that helps him with is anxiety.

Molly Charleston

Molly is a very spirited Girl who every Church has at least one of. Its not so much as churasmatic as it is just spiritually spirited. Like Little Lily she uses a pacifier for anxiety and also depression. Her parents died due to an invasion on her village. Valadorn suffered a great loss that day. For the longest time she blamed herself because she disobeyd her parents the night they died.

She used her pacifier for a fashion accessory in her electronic music band. After word when things picked up she kept hitting a mix of mood swings and PTSD. The captians wife of the Qourtz skyship had a side role of being a therapist. Basically used her pacifier to theraputically bring her to stable ground. Ever sense then her persionality has become very spiritual. Even when hyper she is very  soft spoken. 

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