Finished Pieces

     Here I have finished pieces. The titles name the object. The link goes to DA because I decided to use that as a website to help get word out there of this website. However, I will not depend on it because any number of things could happen. It will also serve as a way to make commissions a bit more possible since they work on a point system. Just like I mentioned in the Craft Submissions I will be making announcements of when things open. I will be making announcements when they close. Pleas understand that when placing a commission accepted commission work will be based on a theme and a set of requirements. That is in the near future though. For now I am really focusing on the tutorials and my own art projects for my book series "Evandom."

Sketches and Ideas

     This is all my sketches and line work. I will also be providing pictures of projects started and in general ideas that I have. I will be labeling things in a couple different categories. I am also taking this one step at a time. I figure that new stuff will always come my way. Always a work in progress myself. I am Faithfully Pink! Salvation upon life if you get me.

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