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Introduction To Imaginative Craft 


Getting Started

When considering your imaginative craft there are several things to consider. First of all how do you learn best? How long can you focus on a task and will you consider taking breaks? Are you willing to sketch out your ideas and keep written notes? Most importantly; how is this going to tell your story? I think the first thing is to start with is a package of cheap printer paper and two or three things of loose leaf note book paper. A binder would make this a whole lot easier to keep things together. If you want to get a traditional sketch book a note book there are cheap options for those too. Even if you are not an artist or a writer its still important to put your ideas to paper. Materials such as fabric, card stock/fiber board, and even paint can cost just as much if not more than the electronic parts I buy. Everything cost money and it would be best if you can decide on paper what you want to do instead of wasting a lot of materials. This is very true even if you don’t do anything DIY related like I do with electronics.


A lot of times I find even the sketches I do for a warm up become something I did not plan to finish. Noah was not exactly sketched until I sketched him. Then over time I really loved the look of that sketch. I am even thinking about using some things from it for my OC named Lily. I also would like to point out that sometimes you can’t do anything on a project until you get certain items. Waiting on something to come in the mail is a common thing for my projects. However, with all the sketches I do this ends up being a really big motivation to think on things. I even have to wait on the money for some areas of my projects. When you take the time to sketch it can really give you a catalog of everything that is possible. It also gives you something to do in the meantime. Just don’t put anything on expensive art paper unless its the final draft. I made that mistake several times over.

Broadening the horizon 


Finding other resources

When picking up a new hobby or putting two or more unlike hobbies together you need to consider your learning methods. I have autism myself, so I often times go from one to another. Also you can thank my mother for getting me out of a narrow minded craft. Of course she was annoyed by Robot Dragons and wanted to hear something different for once. Although this did bring some interesting problems with deciding on a career. In the long run I am very grateful that I was put to the test. I would have never overcame my disability in autism unless I was provided a conviction of my limited area. A story for another time. Getting to know how you learn will help with getting materials to learn off of. I use a combination of written and YT videos. While one helps me focus on details the other broadens the focus. There are great ones out there and this website is only to get you started. There is Nerd Forge, Sea Lemon, Notes And Volts, and Look Mum No Computer just to name a few. Then there are the ones for inspiration such as Draw With Jazza, Eevlog, Wintergarden, and Crimson Guitars make wonderful videos for inspiration. Just get started!


Telling Your Story

How is this going to tell your story though? If you spend a lot of time on your sketches or your writing then that might be it. I consider this to be the root hobby in my craft. Although I love my DIY I find the root that tells the story is in the art and writing. The Lily Molly Poly-synth is made with characters named Lily and Molly. One is my OC that represents me and the other is Molly who is one of my tulpas. She is also an important character in my book series I plan to publish. Another way can be the music you make. Does not need to be lyrical, but I do think having at minimum a photo or artwork to go with it in someway. The music sets the atmosphere and the image gives a picture. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


There really is many ways for your craft to tell a story. If not obvious, scrap booking can be a root hobby. Then book binding and some sort of art or writing can really make things stand out. Everyone has a story. I don’t care what people say. I only had one person prove me wrong on not being able to do art. However, no one has proven me wrong on not having a story. If you drive a cab for public transportation. Guess what? You have a lot of stories based on the people you see daily. Although you might want to mix your stories so no one can tell who is who if you catch my drift. Everyone who has a head on their shoulders has a story.

Project Templates

When it comes to making accurate jigs and maintaining simplicity its important to make project a project. In building string instruments its very important to take the time to really get it right. You will be using these jigs for a long time. I like to say its a project that builds upon a project upon a project.


Start small and then build your way up to the final polished piece. Don't be afraid to experiment with prototyping methods and in general your designs. Maintain a realistic budget and a reasonable schedule. We are not building rockets that go to the moon. It does not need to be difficult and you should not start somewhere that would be near impossible to finish a reasonable masterpiece.


Taking the projects seriously 


Not so "why so serious"

Every project will build upon your ability to advance, as well as how well you can ad to the previous project. Take the time to learn and do not rush in the beginning of a new hobby. Imaginative craft is meant to tell a type of story and to solve life problems. Take the time to smell the roses and take it seriously, but not so much so its a chore.

How Many unlike Hobbies

Is there a time when its too much?

Ideally you want 4 hobbies to do this with, but I imagine most will only have enough room in their personal space to do two. My apartment is full of many different crafts. Electronic chips, different colored thread/cord, and paper craft supplies. This has made my apartment rather cramped. It may not be easy to do more than two unlike hobbies to start with. The whole point is to bring harmony to diversity and make a metaphor while still telling your story in some way. While doing so; this an be a wonderful way to solve your life problems and have a whole new perspective. Don't hesitate to learn new things. There are ways you can rotate or to merge things. Always keep the necessity of things in mind and be aware of how much your storing. Keep enough material around, but don't hoard.

Cost and overcoming the limits of Imagination

Perhaps the biggest challenge I faced with imaginative craft is finding reasonable ways of doing things affordably. Plus if you have no license for driving then your sort of limited. However, this never stopped me. I made piano keys out of Popsicle sticks. I sort of put it on the back burner because it was getting to the limit of my skills. However, it was a wonderful way to see where I need to improve. I plan on returning to this for a new idea for a CV keyboard. The idea of this craft is to be motivated and to overcome obstacles of all kinds. Perhaps the best part of my own Imaginative Craft is that I get to see just how far things can go even when its not much more than what would have been thrown away. When you turn trash into art you realize even you; the special you only you can be matters. It does not matter where you came from or the mistakes you made. What matters is to overcome the most difficult of life problems and proving that you can make a difference.

This Website Particular

This website is focussed on music and narrative type applications. In 2021 we realize that our aspect of craft was too broad for what little time there is to create and edit content. We hope people will be inspired to create their own imaginitive craft loosely based on the ideas we have. The idea is to encourage a new culture where there is freedom to expess oneself in some form of craft. Art and writing is a very important aspect to being human. Fathomistic Fantasy's focus is on demonstrating this through our books and our DIY music. All you need to do is just begin somewhere and be imaghinitive in a creative way.


Just get started

No one starts out in perfection and masterful success. I probably made a thousand failure projects in my life time. Thing is, I refused to admit that this was failure. Anything that provides in results is a learning experience and a stepping stone to masterful art. Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Perhaps the biggest challenge is to escape the prison that is in your head. Your mind will want to trap you into thinking you can't do something. Don't listen to this nonsense. You do you and overcome the prison in your mind. Once you shatter this obstacle you will be able to improve. Until you stop trying to be perfect you will never grow or learn to be a better person. So, put away these problematic thoughts that trap you and get started on your imaginative craft. Hope to see you guys soon in the tutorials. As always, be the special you only you can be. Stay imaginative  and God bless!

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