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My Persona in Imaginitive Craft

Like I say in my blog on here; Lily is my OC who is a small, wingless, fur covered, dragon. I call him Lily due to the Character he is based off of from my book series. The name reflects where and how he was born. It also has a lot of scriptural context and my entention is to get culture to think more openly about gender steriotypes. Just because one has feminine traits does not automaticaly make them a women. I find myself very masculin even though I may seem feminine to a lot of people.


Perhaps my biggest way of expressing this is through my imaginitve craft. Mine is in three different key areas. My art, writing, and DIY music is a big way of expressing this. The narritive at its core is about my inner child like metaphore. Lily is representative of my persiona. Whether it be handmade accessories that go with my pacifiers, music composistion, or DIY that ecnompases my art its all to express the perona I have that can be very spiritual at times.  

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