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Mission Statement

"Fathomistic Fantasy Imaginitive Crafts believes in giving all people the ability to imagine the possibilities without  being hindered by cultural expectations. FFIC is a spiritually focussed website in Christianity. We take the Bible in its entirety and without adding to or removing any systems of belief without first seeing it within the confines of scripture. Should a cultural event or belief be illustrated or highlighted it is to lign up with the scriptural and spiritual beliefs that FFIC firmly believs in. The Bible  is our guide to our future biusness model."


FFIC has no entention of being politically correct except in areas required by law. As of 2020 and 2021 FFIC is not yet an official legally recognised buisness. Currently there are no funds to operate at this time and only the minimal is being published to make this website function primairly as a blog.


Any project presented on this website is souly a hobby. Until FFIC is trade marked and becomes an official small buisness we hold no responsibility for any damages whether they be monetary or otherwise. If you choose to create an imaginitive craft of your own it is your responsibility and FFIC will not take reliability for any information that may or may not be correct.


Please keep persional safety in mind and keep your local and otherwise "regulations" in mind. Good luck on your imaginitive craft and if none else HAVE FUN.... 

Key Notes

> Due to the supreme court rullings we will hold the right to make decissions upon what projects we do or do not do. We embrace our right to artistic freedom "Expression," and the freedom of "Religion." Any project you do is encouraged to be of your own inspiration and or adition to ones similar to ours.


>Feal free to learn from us, but keep in mind the fair use policy. There may be items on here that is subject to copy right protection and or trade marks. No book agreement signings will be announced. Anything posted may or may not have copy write protection. 

>If you choose to do something different then what is presented on this website FFIC recomends you to not hesitate to do so. In fact we recomend you explore all types of expression. That is our goal and our mission statement. However, we firmly belive in, "your freedom ends where our nose begins and vice versa." Don't allow this website to detour you from doing any project even if it goes against our beliefs. You have the freedom to do so.

>As stated above we hold no responsibility should a projct fail or cause damage. Please keep safety in mind and fallow all necessary guidelines that are appropriate. We do not gaurentee that the information on this website is correct much less accurate.

> The most important take away from this website should be the freedom of expression for all man kind. Life should be colorful, imaginitive, and expressive. "Imagination is more important then knowledge." (Albert Einstien, What Life Means To Einstien) 

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