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A lot of Improvement

I got up a little after midnight because there was crash noises above me. I sort of was waking up already and was trying to get back to sleep. So, I kind of blame this more on the fact I slept in yesterday. I am going to see if I can make it to 8pm before going to bed. I hope to get a lot done today. This morning I added a bit more to my website and rearanged things. i even changed my, "contact me," picture. I am also debating on making my distancing from Face Book longterm. Only I will minimize my FB posts between 1 or 2 posts a day depending on whther I post something for the controlled audiance setting I have with my ag-reg friends. Having a support system with those of similar strategies is very important to me. I also done away with my Devaint Art page and I hope to get something put together on this website that will replace it.

For the most part this website is going through some major editing and additions. I hope to have something presentable by next spring. A lot of this will be draft until then. Such as constant moving of things, poor grammer, punctuation, and wrong spelling. If anyone wants to critique they are more then welcome to. Click on the "Don't be Shy," under The Wonderland tab and send the critique there. If you know me on Face Book you are welcome to send the critique in messenger. Most importantly though, please share my website starting in May. I really need the help from all my family and friends. Phrasing things with my OC's name will be helpful to maintain the theme. Little Lily is short hand. Please use that name, so the theme is reasonably maintianed.

Today my biggest goal is to get my main room picked up, my dishes done, all laundrey washed, and my kitchen/bathrom sanitized. Tomorrow I will be focussing on organizing my work areas in my main room and hopefully getting started with my sewing area and my bedroom. I am planning on moving my bed into my sewing area to make the other into an art room for traditional art. I also hope to make it into a place where I can focus it upon my strategies and my deep spirituality. With any luck I will be able to fallow through to moving all my books into that room and make it a sort of study room as well. I had it that way before, but eventually changed it for a reason I really don't remember. Thus far though I have improved upon my ideas and motivation. I hope to figure out a reasonable schedul and set of gaols for this summer.

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