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Patience Is One Of them

I recently decided to get a more secure and reliable email set up. I was sort of on cloud nine once I managed. Got up today and got to looking at it and its all there. I have a year paid for and I think I will need to get a look at my other stuff and be sure that I will have it paid for and ready for when things really start moving. Face Book may have seen me mentioning this before, but like I mentioned there I will also here.

The team I am working with wants to remain anonymous. For now I will just call them the "Fathom Team," because that is what Sitra likes to call me in the art streams. Kind of what I am known for in the pony fandom. Of course that is kind of a stepping stone in the past. I am moving onto more legitimate stuff that will not be associated with Hasbro. Please do not associate me with MLP because with other Trade Marks. Any similarities are coincidental.

Things are moving slightly faster, but Easter is coming up and my family wants me to spend time with them for a week or two. I am hopeful to have a full business plan within the next couple of months. For the most part I just need to sketch and free write everyday. I think my biggest goal is to make a reasonable daily schedule for myself and deadlines. Its not easy for me to focus on something and ignore a focus that I am on. That will have to be placed in first and with the shortest amount of time without being unreasonable.

I am thinking middle of the day or the beginning hours of the evening such as 1pm to 3pm. Morning will be for writing which is what I am currently doing. After a free write for a blog and or free write for my books I will then look into my tech DIY. Thereafter the break time and then sketching. I think near last should be practicing music. The last hours will be focused on cleaning up. Of course today its going to be kind of crucial that I finish cleaning the areas that need it. I will be spending time with my family before the end of this month. I am really hopeful to impement this general idea of a schedule by the end of April.

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