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Adding More Functionality

I did not realize that there were ways to really add functionality to my pages. I still want to make my blog central to where all the major text and things will go. For now I plan to post the basics of my projects and the freebe tutorials. I have two more major projects to add and then I will be back at it with my tutorials. I been asking my family for ideas on what they would like to see.

I also have some ideas on how I might publish my books as a back up plan. When my first two manuscripts are completed and I had spent a year editing them I will consider making them first exclusive to my webbsite. I found some interesting widgets on wix that might work better then publishing hard copies of things. I could publish my books as PDF files with a copy right publication for digital books. Like an E-book, but I am not too sure I like the idea of doing anything like E-readers, but we shall see.

My books will be heavy on the graphics and this cost money for ink in printing them. I could publish them first in digital format and then if people really want a hard copy I will create a widget that will allow me to use Paypal and then send the books in the mail. I have a lot to do today and I am hopeful I will get everything ready to get back at it with all my prtojects. This does include my books and art work.

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