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Avoiding FB But With Plans

Prewrite and Status update

I recently decided on getting off Face Book because of how the politics is going a little nutty. Not sticking my head in the sand because I hope to do a little research to figure out whats going on. I just want to be wise about what I put on the net. Really don't need to cause this website of mine to be problematic. I am already making things difficult by being open about my disability in autism and the coping strategies I use. I really don't need to be opinionated with governmental science. Generally I was getting a tad bit too opinionated. Recent events sort of sped up my decission to take a good long break from Face Book.

I will only be sharing big updates when necessary. Really don't want some one to get the funny idea to trash my FB wall because I am not on there. So, I will check up on it when I post major updates. Like once or twice a month. I just need to stay away from the news feed and off the website unless messenger becomes active. I made a promise to keep in contact with my friends. Most likely when I return things will slow down a lot for my status's. I will be doing more lenghy status's here and even start doing shorter <3 paragraph ones I normally do on Face Book.

In the past I tried to get off of Face Book and realized thats not really possible due to the support system I have on there. I have family and friends. Plus I have several groups that will be very important for me to learn what I need to make everything possible on this website. Just because I have a hobby in sewing, tech, or any other craft does not mean I can't improve on any of it. I will be thinking about how I can compromise with how I can still use Face Book, but minus the strong opinions I have. Generally this is the perfect time to figure out some goals and a sechedul. Still need to study for the written drivers test to meet my goal by the end of January.

Overview Of Things

Generally I need a better way to balance my time and decide on what projects are worth doing if I am to stay up late. I am probably not going to have my desired sleep patterns. If I do its going to be when I am actually old enough to retire. I been given a sleep aid by my doctor to use as needed. I might be starting those tonight. I am gessing 3 nights in a row will work. It says as needed on the bottle, so I am thinking doing this every so often will help balance things out better. Having a creative and imaginitive mind can be a burden sometimes.

The next obvios part about all this is making a schedule where I can decide on deadlines. I should not be up late at night into the early hours of the morning unless the project is that important. I am never going to get anything accomplished by thinking every project has equal importance. Especially if I want to publish books. The idea of this website is to give people a starting place in their own imaginitive craft.

Then they can go find their own resources regaurdless of whether I am the author of that text or not. I hope I have made it clear that people need to look in many places to get a verighty of opinions and different opinions on methods. Just because I say its a good idea may not mean its going to be perfect for you. If you find something that works better such as Look Mum No computer who says Analogue minus the computer then go for it. Don't allow anything I say to keep you from trying different methods.

So making a schedule of when I need to spend time editing this website, when I sould be doing my book writing, art, and even my own imaginitive craft it needs to work on a schedule. I am probably not giving the best message from this website and blog if I keep getting distracted. Now being transparent about how hard that can be is important as well. I really don't want people to think I am that brilliant person with a pen, paint brush, or soldering iron. Truth is I spenty hours studying and thinking on theory. I get board really easy. Heck I read the back of the tooth paste when ever I leave my cell phone on my desk instead of bringing it into the bathroom with me.

The Most Important

To Me a Creative Imaginitive Crafter

At the end of the day the idea of my line of work is to do an imaginitive craft with several unlike hobbies that in some way portrays life and expression. If possible a narritive of some sort. The idea is of combining very different hobbies is to illustrate how life may not be easy, but we are not giving up on imagination and deep inner spirituality we have. The most important to me is to make my life work and know that I am doing something for my spirituality. Specifically the spiritality that I identify as a Christian.

The top on my list should be getting something done each day in the terms of my inner spirituality. I like to call him Lily in case you have not read the General Info of my blogs here. Mind you I really need to edit them. I will be getting ontop of that after my permit is taken care of. The three categories that comes to mind is art/writing, music, and some sort of study in tech. I put art and writing together because they work together as one thing in my Imaginitive Craft. You too may find that certian hobbies will glue togther in your projects that you do. Take a look at them and decide because if you cannot seperate the two then you will have to make them into one like I am doing with my art and writing.

Perhaps the biggest area I am going to be working on the next couple of weeks is to get my place cleaned up. I been having trouble with my sleep at night and my patterns changed. I think my decission of not trying so hard to fix these habits will get me on a more suitable strategy. However, I need to face the current problem as well. Which is figuring out how to clean up and how to clean as I go. It never fails when to amaze me how my disability will thrown a wrench in the gears in the most obsurd way. I mentioned this many times in my fantasy art and writing. "To admit to disability is to give up before the gunshot sounded and the race is over before it began."

End notes

This is a status, but a rather long one. I am also making this a prewrite for a major blog entry. I hope use this to get me writing the theme of this website. I need to merge my imaginitive with my creative. Just because I like simple child activities does not mean everyone else who reads this will. So, I will be pulling back from my own coping strategies and using it more or less as an over all theme.

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