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Back and At it

Mostly I am cleaning and organizing. Some stuff like breadboarding is in my moments of break time. I am currently trying to make Ben Eaters ALU example in a 16 bit design. I am also trying to get myself to finish my sewing and then get to my Brothers tribute. If I remembered my meds and kept my sleep pattern straight I would be a lot farther along. Yesterday I spent two hours organizing all my chips on shelves. Lets just say they are not going to be relocated. I had to look up the data sheets and part numbers. I forgot I had a bunch I did not label after coming in the mail.

I really need to get things more cleaned up and organized in the crafting basement. I will be officially back at the art and craft for sure then. Its driving me nuts. Its a couple thousand worth of stuff and it looks like a big junk pile. My sanity would be completely gone if I did not get it taken care of. Yes I am so giving my most recent comish for free. After that I wont be doing comissions anymore. People can buy what they like that is finished. My life just does not work for comissions.

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