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The thirty days till Face Book deleted account begins. I think I am going to celebrate or do something special when the day comes. I might as well as let the cat out of the bag. I actually been waiting on a reasonable way to leave FB for a while. I stayed on ther partially because I had a hibit of getting on there everyday. What kept me there was the friendships and the connections to family. The one thing keeping me there was a reasonable amount of freedom of speach.

I know what people saying. What I said was pushing things a tad. Actually that is spot on. However, I was refferencing a particular scripture from the Bible. This was the key point I was trying to test FB with. I probably could have used a better scripture reff that was not abrassive. My biggest problem with the post was more interesting. In fact probably why I got a warning is because there was because there was not qoutations to what scripture I was refferencing. So, the algorythm probably thought I was sudgesting it and not giving an opinion.

More then likely it was reported and then removed by an actual admin. Let me clarify something though. I would be a tad bit more careful what I say on the forums. If I ever use scripture that is abrasive I will always make sure its an exact qoute with citations of where its at. That way its historical or a refference to theology/phylosohpy. There are a lot of rather abrasive things in phylosophy not related to Christian doctrin. Lets not forget about the American historical places has been desecrated by our own American people. Their motives are of their own. I am not going to say they were right or wrong, but rather its an example.

Further Plans for

Creating a new Social Network

Ok, not my own forum, but a method of links. It would be nice if others fallowed suit with similar ideas. However, I am not going to set my heart on it. Actually this used to be a thing before people started immitating others. My best friend Razz "Ye of the Gods," was the first I noticed this with. They simply stole her art. Fuyus Fox and other fanart artist had this problem as well. People used her internet handle and then stole their art to that faked account on another website. So, I will be looking into ways to overcome this problem as well. I am really hopeful that I can figure out how to do with without trade marks. If others are going to use this idea they need a way to afford it.

Linus Travolds had some interesting perspectives on the tech enthusiast community. In fact the Linux and its varations has been used in comercial applications as well. Mind you the legal paperwork had to be created for the GNU legality problems of this. Obviously I will have to research into this little by little as I go along. For now the idea is to make this website a homepage to all the other website forums I have an account on. I cannot link from a forum to my webpage due to this wix website heading into becomming an LLC faith Based Buisness. This is considered spam and advertising on a lot of forums. So, I will try to use my acronym and Avatar to try and mark things. Just be sure to check on here just to double check. Impersonators have plagued my favorite artist and as well some of my good friends. I hope to be ready to resolve those problems as they occur.

The biggest problem; however, will be to make a schedule that is realistic and functional. I can't be writing or socializing on the forums if I have nothing to write or present. I will continue to work on my projects. First and foremost my client work that became a request free art. I will look for ways to recieve requests. As Silent Wulverine would say, "I might just do one of them if I get bored." As busy as I get tust me I do sometimes get bored. It looks like I am distracted, but not really. If I get lost and procrastinate simply by forgetting to get back to my projects with deadlines then yes its a distraction. However, if its a requested art work then I hope to build my audiance with them and I will get more requests to give people surprizes. I really want this to be for kits where the art is simply rewarded in some way. More on that later though.

Longterm Plans for FFIC

and Some Anxiety challenges

One of the biggest challenges I faced recently was overcoming my anxiety caused by LGBT. I realize this is somethimg I have to overcome. The least I can do is tolerate this culture. I may not agree, but God did not have me live in a time like this just to hide and self isolate. Persionally my pastels represent theological and phylosophical symbols that I created. Blue represents healing and pink represents salvation.

When you put these toghter with paint pigment it creats a royal purple. Keep in mind blue and red will only make a dark purple to black pigment. I chose pink because its not only appealing to me, but because its also more practical to use on my palete. Actually if your using color pencil its the only thing that works for shading inside the color spectrum to get pastels. Otherwise its really dark and there is no way to lighten it once the wax layers become too thick. Purple in essence represents royalty. More important it represents the thing worth more then gold or silver. That is my relationship with God. This is a faith bassed LLC. Remember that because if anything is to be taken to court it has to fallow these classifications. With God with me then who can stand against me. Death where is thy sting.

I found ways to tolerate this culture and I hope to do buisness with them without giving up my persional convictions. I have rather good friends who are active in the LGBT community. WHile we may disagree on theology and philosophy I won't with hold the Love of God from them. I can at least do my part and invite them to get to know God as I know Adoni. The God of Moses. My whole goal in any of this is to create an example of what Fathomistic Fantasy really is. Perhaps others will create and Imaginitive Craft of their own. This is the long term plan for this soon to be LLC Faith Based Buisness.

The Big Picture

All of this started when I was a sophmore in highschool. It was a short story that evolved into a chapter book. My writing teacher wanted a copy of it. Unfortanately I am not sure I got a copy to him. However, I have it in my goals to gift him a signed copies of the first four books of Gaurdians of Valadorn Generation 3. Depending on how things go I hope to gift my books to my High School that I graduated from. If it was not for the teachers that took the time I would never have made it this far.

Obviously imaginitive craft is more then art and writing. A dream of mine is to become a DIY musician with my own home brew instruments. My biggest goal in this dream is to do it all on battery powered instruments. I have mics right now that I hope to use in my first gig. This will simply help who ever has me first not need anything other then a place on a mixer and a spot on the stage. I must point out this is only a fantasy right now. I have no idea where God will take me. The art and writing comes first.

A big part of my long term goals is to create kits for anyone wanting to learn electronics. I hope to keep them affordable. They will mostly involve computer science and music applications. Think physics of sound. Wave forms, calculus, and possibly analytical geometry in case people want to mess with graphics or practical digital matricies. I imagine anylitical geometry is used massively in controllers that are square or DJ application with RGB LEDs. Again graphics because it deals with three demensional objects on a two demensional serface such as a virtual grid or graphics display. Our younger American generation need a cutting edge. I imagine it will be a whole lot harder then it was when I was a teenager.

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