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Birthday Strings

My birthday is comming up soon. My mother asked me what my three favorite songs were. This is actually hard for me to choose just three. I have a wide range of music that I really like. I went with my websites theme and the music I hope to get good at playing. I chose New World by Kutless, Here I am by Michael W Smith, and Impossible by Avators the fan made Zootopia song.

Sometimes you need to test the waters. Your true friends show up when you become real. That self that you hide away just to be compliant. Who are you really fooling and why hold your breadth. Being Christian should not be that way. Neither should who you are on the inside. Never hide your persiona. That is the point this website is making. Expand where possible to make this you that you have more colorful.

Break From Painting

The Cello

I been doing a lot of painting on my cello and decided to take a break from that component of it. I decided to put all 5 strings on. Sadly after making minor adjustments to the bridge posistion I brought the E string back up after loosining it. I got really agrivated because I already spent close to fifty dollars. Then I spent another twenty eight which brings me close to eighty spent on high E strings. I got to thinking about how it wont arrive in time for my birthday. Even if it did I would probably snap it. I really cannot replace this one string just because I made a minor adjustment somewhere and then brought it back in tune after loosening.

My idea was to look at different types of string. I started with really fine crochet thread in 3 strands. This got close to an A string pitch. Then it snapped. I went with 2 and it got me a little over D major which is one whole step away from my target. Then I decided to give fishing line a try. The problem with string is the tiny strands that stick out. Twisting thew strands really helps, but its not a perfect solution unless I had a very thin narrow ribbon wrapped similar to traditional cello strings.

When I got the fishing line first threaded it through the tuner and then made 4 or 5 rounds without cutting it at the tunner. Then I cut the end tear the tail piece. I twisted it as tight as I could manage then tight it off in the E spot of the tail piece. I tuned all the other strings first and then worked my wat to A. Once I had it in harmony of the A string a worked slowely to E. Once I had it I tried playing with fingers alone to just see how it sounded.

My amp picked it up perfectly. As a matter of fact it was a little louder than the A string. I keep volume controls on two different piezos and that sort of works. I need an op-amp to get it to work right. However, when I bow it the sound was in tune. It has its quarks, but it sounds very reasonable. I am almost tempted to make my own complete set of strings with a expremention jig. For now my cello is ready for my Birthday and I will focus on fixing dead nots for a while

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