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By the Dogs Bark Not his Bite

I went to bed a reasonable hour, but woke up about 9pm because one of my neibors dogs was barking. I figured I would try to get something done and well... Did I really get into the swing of organizing. I decided on staying up the rest of the way and continuing to organize things. My main room is really close to being organized and I just have to keep bringing things in from my sewing area. Once I have that area free of stuff I can fold laundry and clean the kitchen. I might clean my bathroom and my bedroom last. Specifically Monday morning.

Then I can take a break noon hour on Monday to eat lunch and add to my prototyping cabinet that I named Dragon Trainer Paw. Like I said before its to go with the theme of being a trainer for learning complex systems of circiutry. I really do hope to get into designing stuff like operating systems, graphics, and sound synthesis. So my biggest goal Monday will be to get enough of my cabinet done to start doing circiutry. Mostly I will be starting on ASM with Ben Eaters kit the 6502 Computer with the processor (Same number).

Once I have a grasp on it I will be saving up for the Graphics Card kit and I will build that to add to the project. The last step will be to take what I learned and design a system that will take MIDI and process complex processes. This will include triggers and control voltages. In total there will be 272 connections for 1/8 patching. However, I am not just bark. I will get there and my bite will prove it!!!

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