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Just to clarify I am doing away with my FB by making it inactive. I decided against deleting it completely because it could be useful in emergencies. I used it a lot to keep in contact with family and friends. I am also hopeing to do away with my cell phone eventually. I would basically switch to a cheapo phone with limited capability. However, I am hopeful my family and friends can resort ot email. Then I would only need a wifi connection. Another option is to make a very basic dedicated server and keep it at my house. This could act similar to a very small scale forum. Only a few people will have access to it at a time. Basically like an old fashioned telephone connection service. Only this will serve as a method text bassed messages to what ever devices are connected.

Right now I am hopeful to make my career in art and writing possible. I have my job in grocery which will provide money for the cost of a business. The one thing that is critical is making and keeping deadlines. A budget is obvious, but without deadlines nothing will get done. Once I have my most recent project done I will get back into art. I hope to create a realistic schedule and get better at not being distracted at night.

As far as projects concerned I need to get a big jumpstart on them long before I say anything about them. That way I have a small gap of time to get work done. If I can't do something during a week I can simply use that completed and edited content to present then. Once the paperwork is in order I can start selling stuff at craft fairs. My drivers license is another thing I would need to have in order to take things to the craft fair. The last thing to mention for these goals currently is my art must focus on abstract ideas. As in nothing I sell can be easily trade mark protected due to its design. If I create an illustration with a character it can be stolen and then bared against me by another company creating a trade mark on it. This might be a tad bit obsurd to some, but if its already happening to artist in the fur community it will happen to me. Keeping things abstract will provide me with money without risking my characters.

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