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Day for Programming

I am a tad bit rusty at programming, but I am not going to need anything complx just yet. I managet to get the first part of my off grid power supply built. I used it to power my Yamaha piano yesterday. I might be building another one for powering two keyboards. If I do then I will be making that a tutorial on here. For now I am still testing out ideas. I will try and motivate myself to do another load of dishes. My hands had problems with dry skin yesterday. Water always makes this problem ten times worse. Plus I really needed a day from cleaning.

Today I will be cleaning here and there, but I hope to get a very basic program written for an arduino and possibly a second one. I hope to use a nano for scanning MIDI and then the second one will be used for an LCD screen, a rotary encoder, and several sample hold circiuts. Well... I will be trying to get up to 16 sample hold circiuts put together. I am still waiting on the rotary encoders and two different potentiometers to come in. I realized I did not have 1m and 2m values. I need those for the VCO I am trying to make from transistors. That project is on hold until I get my two kits soldered together for making sure things are working correctly.

I have a power supply to solder together for splitting my DC power into a Dual rail. Then I need to solder the VCO kit I got around Christmas time. I will be making sure my arduino design does exactly what I think it will do before I test it on the kit builds. Just because a program works does not mean it will do exactly what you want it will do. If everything works out I should have something functional tommorrow. Like I said above. I need to be cleaning as well today. We shall see.

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