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Decissions with FB

I decided to create a new account after a friend of mine sugested it. Part of the problem was keeping both friends and family on the same FB account. I prefer to have one Face Book account. I figured I would keep to the plan and make a sort of life blog on my craft website. I will share the status's that will be for both. I am staying out of politics without sacrificing my spirituality. This means I am not giving up theology as a topic. This is a Faith Based website after all. Removing politics out of my social life on the enternet should help make FB ten times easier to handle. It seems like they are after political view points and not spiritual. I did not get censored until my spirituality crossed over into my political views.

My Face Book will only be for friends inside of the fandoms. I have a limited number of family only because of needing a form of communication through messenger. I hate my cellphone. Drives me nuts not having a membrain keypad matrix. In fact I am looking to get rid of it or replace it with a mobile hotspot. Basically I will make my own media device with a Raspberry Pi 4 model B. I need to get another screen due to only having one wraped in bubble wrap and in my electronics storage at the moment. I have a lot of other parts to get to complete it and don't have the money at the moment.

Its also important to understand this is done out of respect for family and anyone who cringes at the fandoms. Not everyone finds babyfurs much less tulpamancers all that great. In fact there is some division on these topics in the fur fandom. In the Tulpae culture there is division between spiritual aspects to tulpamancy. With me being a Christian through all this its difficult enough to not chase away friends or problems to arise. If I add family and politics to this equation it becomes impossible.

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