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From what started as spring cleaning became a massive challenge. If any of you ever had lego or kenX builders toys you know when something is built there are very little parts to organize. Everything is put into this big structure that you made. I have been collecting thousands of parts over a rather long span of time. Add that I also have this for an imaginative craft. If you don’t know what that means; it means I have several different hobbies that don’t relate to one another. The whole goal is to tell a story in some way using many different things. Being the person who hopes to create a whole new subculture that means mega-size craft supply piles. Clearly its not like this if any of you start one, but because I am trying to inspire others to start their own its a necessary evil to have more stuff than is possible to reasonably organize.

My recent idea; however was fairly creative I think. In the past I attempted to have a lot of plastic storage containers. This was kind of costly due to how they needed to stack. They could not be the average food storage containers. My mother got a lot of my good ones because it was sort of a way to pay her back for covering my butt in some expenses. It was also because the idea was not working. I kept some because of how much fabric and sewing supplies I have. My new idea was to save cardboard boxes. They can take a reasonably stack and they can be modified if necessary. I even got cheap white paint to paint one side of every box. If a different label was necessary I painted over it. I have also used cheap washable paint for experimenting with chalk paint. Actually this made the white a whole lot easier to write on with a marker.

In recent time I have been organizing parts into cardboard box’s. When I said this synth was going to be big I was not exaggerating one bit. Funny part of all this is how some people told me I should have started on a smaller project. Of course those where the people who do not know how many things I built on bread board. Also I am not building this in one night. Everything is built in small projects. Every project builds onto another project. A cabinet maker would describe this as a box inside of a box that is inside of a box. Its sort of a common joke among wood workers that we are called box makers not cabinet makers. I am sure a lot of people are wondering how I am going to put all these hobbies into one craft. You people are going to be fascinated once its done and all the crafts come together to tell a sort of story.


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