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So ummmm.....................


So, I got to looking at my wesite after getting a sort of ad thing in my email. Sort of a dead end because the whole thing was about getting my website ontop of the google search. In my search engine of google account its not all that heard to search and find. Practically comes up in the first item listed without me paying any more money for all this. Just to give out the rough cost its about five hundred to get started if I was to start all over. I pay for my domain and to keep things reasonably safe. I am undecided on NFT's or what ever. I really desire plain old copy rights on my characters. Which appears to cost only a few hundred more.

With that said? I got into looking at my website in dev mode. However, I was not wanting the text editor there due to it taking up so much space. Yet, just casually looking in it I found differet items having key words I knew. I am very rusty at web based programming. Also note my knoledge of it is way out of date. I remember writing my first HTML on an XP computer. Just to give you an idea. My studies would have to be on JS and similar before I even had hopes to do something with it. Yet, seeing the ability to do basics with scripting on Wix is a bit more encouraging. Seeing these symbols and key words I recognized in the page editor seems encouraging.

It may not be entirely necessary to switch to a different host after all. If I do switch or go anywhere else it probably be more reasonable to in the later events of launching FFIC as and LLC. Where it be more reasonable to keep my own dedicated servers in my basement. By then I would have the income to actually pull it off. Right now I am doing research along with keeping tabs on those involved in this. Things are sort of at stand still due to more presidented issues in my life. I am making the maximum with my night job without losing any support.

However, I am doing research in creating more afficial copy rights on my characters. Along with writing, doing art, and especially keeping a pace on my DIY music project. I hope to do some major updates for that soon. My goal is to get that back up in full by January to Feburary. Then this website itself being fully operational by mid year of 2023. High hopes to have a draft of my two books I want to publish in the year 2024. Either book contracts or full fledged self publishing with me paying for editors, printing, and a literary agent. However, this will depend heavily on just how much of it I can afford. I will not cheap out on my first two books.

Lastly with these plans I am very hopeful that my meetings with those involved will become fruitfull and creat solid plans that my family can be comfortable with. Right now I am pressured to stay low key until I can afford to have a higher income. Mind you, a way to get out from under gov income without losing everything. There is very valid reasons for my family to be concerned for my welfair and my financial stability. Yet, I hope to keep pushing to become free of gov required things due to the income/support the programs provide.

Just to give some idea as to how good this looks? I have several people interested in my projects. Some are biting at the bit to see my books published and others hope to see my DIY music project completed. Right now its very slow for the DIY project because I want to save up for more secure methods of protecting my Characters and their Stories. Guardians of Valadorn is a big focus. If not bigger then the DIY projects. The links and blog format crafts here either YT type free tutorials. Then there are links to things not owned by me if anyone here wants kits. I highly recomend Ben Eaters kits. I never had problems with them and they are more then reasonably priced. However, I must remind that I am not associated with anyone I link. I just hope to help those interested and stimulate the creative community in anyway I can.

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