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Got Some new Ideas

I am planning on creating an advanced version of the MIDI to CV converter that I been doing on paper and in theory. I also gave the project a new and final name. I plan on calling it LP^2 256 due to the matrix it creates. The advanced version of this device will be capable of not only expansions, but also a laptop like device that will make it possible to edit things. I am also considering a USB connection to a traditional laptop. It really depends on what people think and whether people are interested.

The First set of tutorials will be free, but to get the advanced features the advanced tutorials will cost a little bit. This will keep things moving forward for this website. I will be doing this for a lot of tutorials that go into advanced areas. Essentially this website is supposed to be a way to get people started. If people want to do more they need to do research. I will have links to many different resources on the free tutorials.

As far as my books I will be continuing my work with The Guardians of Valadorn. This will be published into a sereis. Also I do hope to put together a story for Bible studies like I mentioned before. I would like to make the first chapter free. After that each section will need to be paid for. Just something to think about. They will be taking up my time for traditional art. If I am going to be doing all that work I would like to move forward and start being able to support myself with my craft. That was the plan from the beginning. I will be back and at it with all the editing on this website as well. I just sort of forgot the email I used for this website. That was fun. Let me tell ya. Sigh!

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