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I am Getting There

I woke up late today. I don't know why, but sometimes I get where I feel so safe in my bed with two or more stuffed animals. Almost as if I am not willing to face the day even though more than likely I have to at some point. You can only sleep so long and then you just don't fall back asleep after waking up after dark. Then your up at night and even the dark seems to mock you by reminding you that you cannot hide from your emotions. I must also admit I get to the point even my dreams become boring. ALthough I slept through an entire day and woke up the next at the brink of dawn. That only works if I lost a lot of sleep three or more days in a row.

Today would not have been the greatest idea to attempt that. Plus I did send a friend of mine a message about tonight. I had hoped I was at least had my main room picked up and the dishes close to being done. I woke up around 3:30pm. I did get a lot of stuff done yesterday. I rearanged my main room so I could do larger projects. I need to pick up all the stuff off the floor and then do something about getting the rest of my dishes done. My friend wants me to make picture frams for his canvas prints. I put them in paper and in a poster tube so they will be out of the way and nothing will crease them.

I am also hopeful I can still get the rest of my hand made cello painted. I do still plan on sharing pictures of that project. I am down right determined that I am going to have a comilation-picture video with me playing it at the end of it. I will be working out the kinks in how that page will be made on this website. I hope to have my own stack of servers eventually. With any luck I will make it as a software developer and my trade will also help in keeping cost down for starting my own website to market and possiblty sell my books and project kits. Like I said this website is to get people started. I really do mean it when I say that I want people to start exploring and doing their own varation to my imaginitive craft.

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