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I am not Dead

Its been a while. I been busy organizing and money is tight. I am stuck with time consuming projects that I can afford. When it comes to organizers and things card board and popsicle sticks sort of become a necessity. I will look into using up the scrap wood I have. Who knows I may just bite the bullet and put minimum on my project debt.

Needless to say most of my writing has been drafts on my FB account. Not many seemed to accept my friend requests. Which is fine seeing how I am a tad bit more open about things on this new one. It was a friend of mine that encouraged me to start a new one. I was going to leave FB entirely, but seeing the number of friends I would lose contact with I decided to go with the second best option.

I put my drafted writing there as well as my sketches and line art. I reconnected with the groups I was in and even looked into others I may not have been in. I am also writing a sereis or two that is targeted at those with life traumas. Those particular ones will of course be published on private servers. Forums where they can best reach those who need it the most. They won't be hard to find. Just not in peoples faces who may find it odd or uncomfortable to see/read. The idea is an old fashioned therapy.

On this website its a lot more light weight and the emphasis is a a cartoonish like style. You see a character with a pacifier or read a short snip-it of role play. For my other more deeper theraputic aspects of this strategy it will be in places such as fur-affinity and adisc. I highly recomend adisc if you faced childhood trauma. There is a lot of free support on there. Its no replacement of a therapist, but for me? Its helped me overcome my school years where this child like theraputic strategy began.

My art and writing is not something I brag about because of how true to my own life I allow it to be. Its also very detailed not because I am good at art and writing, but because of the failures I have overcome in my own life. There is no such thing as a good or poorly skilled artist. You put pigment on paper or express something through a craft. That is what this website is about and thats my target audienc of FFIC. You have an imaginitive craft and its up to you where this should lead you. As always may Adoni bless you. Be the perfect you that only you can be. I will update as progress comes my way.

Much Love; Lily Fathom

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