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Its been nuts

There for a while I was just packing box's and moving them with a friends help. After VK I came back and did one more major move of box's. I felt like I needed to do more with organizing and not just unpacking in stacks. Basically seperating things into the rooms they go in. The art room, sewing room, bed room. Then the big basement for DIY musician. I have not really been able to spend a lot of time on projects.

However, I did start the lab rig. I was going to just rebuild it as a table and relized that was not the greatest idea. I decided on merging the two ideas I had. Basically one side for bread boards and the other side panels with ribbon cables. Right now I am painting the side panels that will hold it all together. I hope to make it possible to come apart if it absolutly needed to move to another place. I also put casters on the base with an opening like a desk.

The bread board side will have a sort of small counter top for stuff to go. I also plan on going ahead and do similar as last time and make a top shelf for lab equipment. I just wont put the power supply or the signal generator in it. Thos will go in shelves near by. Things are moving slow for this project and I will be updating everything on FFIC soon. I know old stuff is on here that desperately needs editing and updating.

Lastly I have found another Church. It seems to be a lot more flexible and the people there are really nice. I will be getting my drivers license next year, but I am hopeful to get a job either in a store nearby within walking distance or something like lawn care. I am not giving up on that due to needing money for giving FFIC the reboot it deserves. Money will be tight once the final agreement is made on the house. Luckily I have gotton some critical compnonents for the lab. I just need to get shmitt trigger NAND gates and 5 amp fuses for the power supply. More info on that later. Lets just say the start up of the power supply is toutchy. After warm up its 50 miliamps. I really hope to have something to update on this project at the end of July. The painting will be completed!

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