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Long Time no See

Been a while since I made a post. A while since I made a post anywhere to be honest. A lot of stuff has happened over the span of time. I fixed a lot of plot holes in my books. Character design is comming along nicely. A tad bit too much human anatomy and not enough easy to move limbs for all-fours poses which is important for my books. I plan on making several varations and just have fun with it until I have something I really like and can stick with.

I also have created a varation to Lily Fathom who is the icon for this website. A child young version and an older version who has child like charactersitics. Yet, the older one is much much less dedicated to a babyfur fursona. Imagine that.... I made a fursona that is not all that much like a babyfur. I still want to do more with my sketching before I commit to a particular anatomy. I especially want to dive into the biology that would be completly fictional where animal anatomy and human anatomy are merged. As if it existed this is how this species would function and live.

Also another area to explain is the fact I might move this website to a different host. However, this will solely depend on how quick I can learn C/C++ with ASM programming. I want to master them both before I dedicate any time to web based programming. I have goles to get something built of my current project via the synthesizer and string instruments I hope to rebuild. All three will have active components. An electric cello, a guitar, and bass guitar.

Art and Writing

For the most part I overcame my fear of putting my art on the internet. I also managed to learn something of getting on this website. Maybe not on the servers here literally, but a link where I can work with it and have a realistic protection on them. Still not much better then what I had planned for my art in envelopes with tracking and a signiture, but something to make it all pheasable. My artist tag is Lily Fathom. I am also doing anatomy studies where its like nude figure art. Only its with fur. Be aware of them, but don't be afraid of looking around. I won't link the explicit stuff, but they will be on the website I chose for these.

I like to stick with Furaffinity, but I am also on Furbooru and derpibooru. I looked SoFurry as well. However, I love how many options are on Furbooru. They have a wide range of options. From writing, to craft, and then to digital/tradional art. I will link the stuff meant for this website. Note that you need a furaffinity account in order to even have access to explicit art. Then you can change the options in an account menu thing to show it. I use the explicit tag even though its not technically the category per-say in their eyes. This is just to make things more flexible and easier for everyone veiwing this website should they choose to check out my Furaffinity account.

The next item is of course the books. I am looking to sit down and going through my ideas to write them down. I sort of think them through while I am at my night janitorial job. I take time to look for plot holes and technical problems such as out-out-of character moments. I even try to anylize things in theory of rising action, climax, and after falling action the conclusion. I found myself talking outloud and although I get weird looks from people I am assuming they think I am autistic. Which is technically true only with the addition of OCD. It actually helps me deal with social anxiety. Plus none of my managors much less the head manager been silent on this.

I sort of joke that I need some one to talk to who knows me. "Who better then myself?" One person even made the statement that I have intelegent conversation. He is the new janitor who will be there when ever I am not or when I can't be. Like VK or medical things.

Technical Stuff

The synth project has swiched around as far as where and what I do. With some problems of the house I had to go from being in my lab to doing work on the cabinets. I redone the CV output matrix and added pots for all 8 DAC's in my plan. I am still looking into mastering the programming and setting in stone a sure way to cycle each group of notes. If this makes no sense to you take heart in the fact I have put very little in explanation on this website as to how I am doing all this.

The pannels that are creating outputs and inputs are basically dedicated to several atmel microcontrollers. For the CV output matrix each one is dedicated to 16 of the 128 CV's. Then 8 of these are dedicated to note and then the other 8 to velocity of each note. The program will cycle through all 16 via the DAC for their group into a sample-hold circiut. This will be connected to another gain amplifier that will be connected to the pots.

Which will help with tuning things more precisely to volt per octave. Each section will be 5 octaves. I might make another CV output matrix panel dedicated to a full 7-octave range. However, I am still getting the hang of things on paper. It would be unrealistic to try and have 9volts. Especially when my chips might not be able to handle that amplitude.

I also decided on doing a side project that will pick up after I get far enough in to have a complet CV-matrix panel functional and at least 8 dual VCO's with their respective ADSR's for timbre. My idea for the ADSR's is to use something similar to Ben Eaters ALU design. Only it will be redesined specifically for creating a counter that takes 4 bytes and then use those to creat a count for attack positive value, decay negative (2's complement) value, a timed sustain (Timed value) and then a release with after touch which will be timed with a negative number.

The VCO's will be the revision chip of the Curtas chips, but the filters will be purely Op-amps. I will be studying the Elector Formant desine along with other designs to create my own set of filters. Once I am there I will be creating a side project for organ pedals, bench, and a stand. My focus will be primarily on the pedals if I can afford to fallow through with the plans. However, it will probably be a prototyped single pedal or series of 12 just to learn MIDI controllers.

Also Good News on things

I decided to move my music equipment to the Library room and the split the Library up amongst their respective craft and or studies. Making it several times more practical to do recording or to form a place to do band practice should anyone local decide to do Christian Electronic music. Mind you they will have to be comfortable with furry and Electronic/alternative styles of music.

I also got a chance to look at piano's that were marked down in price. The music store where I live has been trying to get rid of their accoustic piano's. The downside is it will be dilivered in Feburary of next year due to my family and house complications. We all decided that I should pay it off by the required date and then visit it perodically until its pheasable move it in. I hope tio master several songs and then play them at the end of each month.

At Large

I hope this clears things up for everyone. I had been going through difficult trials on top of these plans. Being alone for such large amounts of time in my lab and craft rooms has been taxing. My grandmother and her chore workers are nice, but my grandmother cannot do steps. This sort of complicated things for hang out with family. Also with this being the last years for my grandmother its a bitter sweet time we have with her.

While we all been facing difficult trials we are together through it all. If not physically then it be of heart and most certianly other means such as email, social media, and transportation for my grandmother to doctor visits. It has slowed things down a little for FFIC. I also will be getting a benifits counselor to help guide me off of government income. My hearts desire is to get out of it and create a helpful resource with my website. Everything needed for finding free and affordable things to make a portfolio. Whether your in enginearing or pure entreprenuership I hope to use my experiences to provide others a pathway to a carear.

My multifaceted craft is important to me. So is my books I hope to publish, but these are to fulfill a life calling. I am not planning to make them my only income. With this said my plans is to slowly build up FFIC and possibly get a better job then just janitorial. I really want to work in a music store where I could eaither be cleaning or even fixing things. With my portfolio of projects on this website it could inspire an employer to give me thie oppertunity. Again this is in a large time span. Plus its in God's hands. Not my will, but Adonia's alone.

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