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I got a lot of dishes done yesterday. I am doing my cast iron rather slow due to how many I have and how rusted some of them are. I plan on using iron wool on some of them and then the brush tool on my rotary tool. Rotary tool will be the most difficult of rust. I went through a bottle and a half of my cast iron soap. I have one unopened because I bought some off Amazon somewhat recently.


I hope to get the initial wash of my cast iron done today. I still have to take care of the rest of the rust, but that will be for another day. I cleaned up more of my lab area. I hope to be somehwere near done with it before work. I can see if I can't wrap it up before I go to bed.


I am trying to get to bed by 11pm seeing that I get off at 9:30pm. A night job is better for my craft Day job is better seeing that I am a morning person. I just cant be an early bird like I used to be. Part of my struggle withgetting things organized in my crafts has been with sleep. If I can fix this then everything will go more smoothly.

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