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My Face Book Account

I am known on Face Book as being Lily Fathom. I will be changing my Legal name to Lily Thurman. Should Face Book question my name I can change it to the new legal name. However, I am not going to do anything until my LLC papers get secured as well as all the documents placed. Right now I am using a "Poor-Mans trademark," type system. I either will or do have it in place for the social websites to contain my art, writing, and DIY stuff. I am looking into getting my stuff on the Elektor website. I have a subscription to them, but I want to be sure I understand the complete user agreement in full detail. I am hoping its open domain. If it is then I will share a lot of in depth details on some of my free-be projects.


For now.... Here is my requirements for

Face Book Association with me

Friend Requests


If you posts yiff/clop or otherwise erotic artwork I will delete your friend request. I only accept friend request if the person in question is reasonably clothed if "pictured" and has zero erotic art. This includes art where the stuff is cropped out. I won't tolerate that either.



DoNot sexualize my OC/Icon Lily or you will receive a take down notice. If art theft is found and it becomes a legal issue the appropriate business's in legal agreements will be notified. The appropriate documents may or will be in place only to satisfy FB's user agreement for this account. Do not put yourself at risk over trivial highschool behavior. Thankyou!



My Alias is Lily Fathom or Lily for short. In physical face to face life I am a male cis gender. I really don't care what pronouns you use... Just don't call me something weird like "Kentucky Fried Chicken," and we will be fine. If your expecting a safe person to come out of the closet to, but can't agree to disagree then I am not safe for you. If your looking for hospitality while agreeing to disagree then I am a good fit for friendship.

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