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My Pastels

I think most know this already. My pastels being Pink, Midnight Purple, and ultramarine blue are my three favorite colors. Most get me when I say its spiritual. Blue is the healing waters or planted by the living waters. Pink representing purity and salvation. Red to symbolize Christ death and resurrection. White represents, "White as Snow." The two make a vibrant pink or a soft pastel baby pink. Depending on your take on things. Purple represents royalty in that I am God's child. I prefer to think of Mathew chapter 18, verses 1 through 5. Everyone is a child of God in their own way. Mine just happens to resemble this symbol in a literal sense. Call it autism, ocd, or what ever. Just don't call it a pride symbol.

I am perfectly fine with people using pink and blue for their own purposes. However, don't make unclean what God had purposed for healing waters, salvation, and his royalty Bride, Church, etc. My pastels are not a pride symbol. They are a Biblical symbol to me. I sometimes get this false accusation and I am making reference page to clear that up. My rainbow should it to come up represents the bow and arrow God hung in the sky. It was a covenant with Noah. To Abraham another promise was made to present to God's people whoever curses us will be cursed. Whoever blesses us will too be blessed. This is the Lord Your God. Adoni, the father, son, and Holy spirit. Amen

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