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New House For Fantasy

I have gotten really busy with moving to a new house. My parent surprised me over Easter with a new house. Specifically to move me out of the apartment and into a house that I can afford to rent. Generally the agreement is for me to give my Website and books the offical shot it all deserves. If that fails I will need a job to either pay things off or to pay rent month to month. Although that is my end of it. Everything is still being finalised.

I am going to be making up a calendar to get things on deadlines. Ideally I would like money to start comming in when the lease is signed and I can let go of my temporary resources. If ya catch my drift... My first series of projects will be kits. Beginning in sewing and needle craft because I don't need anything other then what I got on hand. I need to open up space for a better sewing area. I will have three main areas for the three different categories. Sewing/needle craft, Art/paper craft, and tech assembling. The only exception is anything that requires messy tool work will be in the gerage. Everything is minimal until I get everything moved.

I am very hopeful that I will be ready next month for the most basic of project kits to be put together and projects officially started. June will be when I start listing things on etsy for anyone who desires a complete kit for any project. Keep in mind that the idea is to get people started. By no means are you to focus on one idea, but rather maintain the freedom to explore and find your own mix of crafts. Everything should be started by August. Then the race begins to start earning what I can to provide for myself. This time next year I will either have a Entreprenourship or a mix between that and the occasional survivor jobs. I am not entirely against the latter, but it will make things more difficult until my books are published and I have a more reliable income.

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