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Noise levels and My Imaginative Craft

First off, I am going to have the intro up tonight. I had things going really well yesterday. A sure sign the prayers have been answered for sure. Thanks guys for all the support. The website would not be possible with out you. The web page clicks are important for getting things off the ground. So, I am hopeful to get new content on there often. The biggest way people can support me is by visiting my site or sharing something they found interesting. My public diary is well… Public. If I write something spiritual that inspires anyone I hope they would share it without hesitating because they think its only for my family. Not so if its on a website anyone can access to. I do this to keep rumors down and to prevent anyone from taking things out of context. Something I began long before I even considered having a website.

My biggest challenge is going through all my recycled scrap stuff. The dumpster find wood will be easy. However, the cereal box's and aluminum cans will be a little more of a challenge. It will cost me close to 400usd if I don't use aluminum cans instead of traditional electronic noise shielding. A big problem for sound amplification is when your circuits become one big antenna and its not uncommon for you to hear a faint noise of a radio station through your sound system. I imagine most hobbyist don’t do this for sound synthesis because they either filter it out in some way or they are not amplifying with a power amplifier used for instruments. I hope to use either a piano amplifier or a small scale PA in the near future. Shielding is going to make things a lot easier in the long run.

My guitar amp when I was first taking music lessons would beep every time my cellphone would get a text. This was back in the keyboard membrane days before touch screen was a thing. Basically my guitar acted like an antenna to the cellphone signal I imagine the fact that I had a cellphone nearby did not help either. It uses signals going both ways. A radio is essentially an amplifier with a long wire. The length of the wire and its placement is what tunes it to a radio station. Hints the copper tuning coil. The way you fix the problem is to give all the positively charged electrons somewhere to go. I plan on making like a lattice of aluminum out of the cans. and then ground it with the front panel. Traditionally a guitar builder would use copper. Either in tape form or paint form. Both are equally expensive. Yes it will cost me at minimum 400usd if I use guitar shielding paint and I hate the idea of buying sheets of metal that would weigh down the cabinet too much on the inside.

I attempted to cut the soda cans with scissors; however, they wore out with less then 10 soda cans. I am not using my expensive tailor shears. My rotary tool that spins thousands of rpm’s and will work more effectively. If any one is thinking about getting one, make sure you get the correct stuff for what your doing. I wasted a lot of money in the past by using wheals for cutting plastic on metal. The only downside is this can be loud. I had really tolerant neighbors in the past. Although I would not be surprised if some moved out because I was using power tools during their stay. My own rule is to shut everything down by 8pm and no loud noise till 8am including music and YT. This might also be an apartment rule as well, but I treat it with importance either way. A lot of work to be done before I really get back to the big project.

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