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Plans to Move Forward

I really am proud of how my writing turned out. It gave me a wonderful analogue on my idea of writing. I typically don’t free write. I should, but I never really made it a daily thing. I love to keep a diary both for public and private viewing. I spend a lot of time thinking it out though. Even my own private diary can often be way too thought out. I plan on doing more free writing activities. This is certainly an activity I can include in my age-reg week ends. I do want to get into the type of diary I used to do every night as a teenager. Sometimes I wrote two times a day. It was comparable to a narrative except I would become very involved with my imagination. This is where my wonderland began and it is where my first tulpae Seria was born. I vaguely remember writing letters to my imagination. My most vivid memories are in how it became my portal to my wonderland. A symbolic portal mind you.

I hope to get my projects really moving after a couple week ends of this activity. I did spend my next months project money on all the panels needed for my first cabinet. There was a guy on eBay that had the dirt cheap. I only bought 2 for the first order because I needed something better for my MIDI to CV module. When they came in though I was blown away at the quality. Shipping was a little pricey, but that is because they are a tad bit heavy. Even just for the two. I should get the last 6 panels tomorrow. I also been making plans for getting with some family of mine to learn my tools and become not only safe, but more effective using them. I am very hopeful that I will be able to build my own power supply. I should be able to work out the power boards with what I already have. The wall wart I have now is essentially a transformer in plastic with a tail. I can experiment and perfect my design before I get transformers that I would wire together inside the cabinet.

I do need to work out my schedule. This will be a major part of my age-reg this week end. I might clean as part of the activity. Not exactly a difficult test of my imagination. However, I really need to pull back and try something a little easier than what I tried last week end. Normally I do this activity all in my head with minimal items. I use a pacifier, a stuffed animal, and my favorite snap onsie. Its the only one I found that I liked. I do plan on making my own if I plan on going further with these activities. A wonderful start would be to fantasize doing a list of chores and having a reward at the end. I plan to close my blinds sometime this evening and get a head start on it. The idea is to try and get myself to stop over thinking my life. Getting into the habit of cleaning will sure be a way to kill two birds with one stone.


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