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I been thinking about doing some major updates to my website. Its about time I finally fix everything to be official. I been working through some things and thinking over how this will work. Obviously one of the things that needed updating was how I do status’s. I figured I would add a projects tag for all my hobbies on my own imaginative craft. I think a reasonable format is 2 paragraphs for the recent events and 5 paragraphs for the complete status if done once a week. No more than 3 paragraphs for the conclusion and final thoughts of project status.

Generally I think this would help give everyone an idea on how you and they can submit their own imaginative craft. I will have a set of guidelines when I am ready to edit that tab. Right now its used as a projects spotlight for my art. This will updated when I officially got all the tutorials on a kick start. Obviously this is still in the trial and error stage. However, I hope you people are thinking about what you can do for your imaginative craft. I would think anyone would need a good amount of time to really think deeply about their life story and they will present it through their imaginative craft.

Early Proto and more proto

Study study and A lot more study

I been trying to do what I can between moments of cleaning and organizing. I really was not stating I have everything out the wazoo of craft stuff. A lot of tools and items I got over the holiday seasons from family. In fact I credit my family for making a lot of this possible. Of course I am really trying to come up with a reasonable format for how my OS of the Dragon Trainer Paw module and panels will work. One panel is focused entirely on predefined control voltages on the outputs. The other one has two LCD’s and will have two key pads. I am still working out the complete key pad. Its not going to be much more than momentary tactile switches with extra long plastic buttons. I want to keep this really simple. I might consider making a membrane key pad to replace it sometime down the line. Right now I am not skilled enough with my hands to create custom jell molds. Especially with something so intricate as a button matrix.

Of course this bring us to the output matrix. I found the 8 by 16 design to be cumbersome to program in theory. A 16 by 16 will give me a lot more control and I will be able to use matrices in my code properly. Otherwise I will have to define a lot of stuff. We are working with ASM right now not C/C++. I won’t be able to do that until I have the libraries written specifically for the system I am making completely from the drawing board. I hope to replace all the Arduino code with ASM on Atmel and ME LABS based code. Currently I am using Arduino to learn how all this works and to design the cluster of processors with minimal of problems.

Perhaps the biggest concern right now is the Patch bay and a template to use for all the other panels which will be packed with pots, switches, and buttons. A Basic, Input, Output, system will need to be implemented and a way to reasonably fix the settings outside of the OS. The OS will be nothing fancy. It will have a very similar feel to a graphing calculator. Only instead of graphs it will be focused on the CV matrix and all the other boards its connected to. I am calling it the Parent Section. Of course this is to go with my theme (noted in the final thoughts). The idea is to create a command line and to navigate the system and then a file system with menus to make things easier to implement programs.

The entire system will be created in a shared resource of Ram. I plan to use 8 “6502” MPU’s that are independent with their own ram chip and their own EEPROM. This will be finalized last because I need to make absolutely sure I made up my mind on the inputs and outputs. Otherwise there would be little reason to write code for the BIOS. I am really hopeful I have enough NAND logic gates. This will make it all possible for the output matrix. I will be looking at my stock parts to see if I have enough working parts for an 8 by 8 just to get a proof of concept down. Then I will add the rest for a 16 by 16.

The biggest problem I will be facing is programming an MPU and EEPROM to handle the set and refresh of CV outputs. A capacitor is not adequate due to leak current. So I am going to build it with the s

ame methods used for Dynamic Ram. Only instead of digital binary numbers it will be voltage samples. Obviously I will need a way to temporary store these in a binary format. An interrupt will be used every time the RAM is to be updated to new CV values. When the system is in normal operation ie no interrupt subroutine; it will spit out voltage samples in the same way as an LCD prints pixels. There will be a way to create compensation for error. This is normally called the front porch and back porch. However, when its in range it will first signal the selected sample hold circuit to latch it into receiving mode. Then it will use a multiplexer to send it an analog value through a digital to analogue converter.

There will be multiple modes where SH circuits will have flags to tell the processor to do different things. All of this is happening around five or six hundred micro seconds to refresh the entire matrix. This part of the system is obviously going to be my first priority once I have the patch bay panel reasonably thought out. As in all holes drilled and the front is painted and in the process of going through layers of clear spray acrylic. As it is curing I will be focusing my efforts on my other artwork and the output matrix.

Final thoughts for Project Status

It is incredibly important to understand the them I am going with for the strategy used by people who have a disability or a chronic anxiety/depression battle. A big part of my book series is to motivate people to aspire to do daily tasks and be independent. In my book series Lily and Molly have a therapeutic strategy they use in my book series to fight PTSD which is actually very common in the age regression subculture.

Keep in mind this is a theme within the therapeutic part of the subculture. Basically where its focused entirely on solving problems either by taking a VK from adulthood or like me I use it to see my adult self from an imaginative youthful spirit stand point. The the near entirety of the group of guardians are created from my past moments in life. The only exception is Rosetta and Molly. Rosetta is focused on the positive aspects of the relationships I either had or my current relationship. Molly is slightly based on this. I have not made up my mind on whether they become a romantic relationship in my book series just yet. I really want to make them an example of how close a platonic relationship can get and there be no romantic tension at all. I do have some ideas where this can re-implemented though.

In my book series Timothy is the leader of the guardian group. Rosetta does a lot of night shift, but also takes some off time for Lily’s and Molly’s strategy of role-play. Her biggest priority on the ship is to provide different forms of therapy for the stateless refugees. Her logs go with Timothy’s, but she does a lot of the editing. Needless to say I been thinking on the artwork and metaphors I want to use. Especially with all the tutorials on this website. The introduction to the tutorials will be posted either Monday night or Tuesday noon hour. I hope to get a lot of sketching and art done this week in order to kick start everything before the end of this month. September will be a commitment to a schedule. I can promise you that.

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