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Setting New Dates

I am deciding on making July 19 my deadline for the outline of my first two books. I will also try to get some concept art put up puriotically. I will also be sure to do a bit of editing on this website as well. The bill for all this was an eye opener for sure. I will see what I can do about this public diary concept for my final thing. I need to make it a habit to write once a day here. I made the decision to abandon Face Book for sure this time around. I managed to break my habit of going there for my free writing.

Free Writing in General

For the most part these public diaries are without spell check and without any intent on editing. The only part way it does is if it goes into making things like "Public Pacifier." Which by the way is going really well for my goals I set. I am considering setting new ones due to the tolerence my city has provided. While some had given me dirty looks others seem to provide. One day it was pooring down rain and arriving at work there was a customer that had me paged to the front. Just to give me a shirt to help with drying off. So, I will be drafting the progress of "Public Pacifier."

My free writing when it was on Face Book had a central idea most of the time. Nine times out of ten it flowed into several paragraphs. I even had people tell me in person that they found my writing insightful and something they enjoyed reading. While I am not always sure about my over all intent in these are I do hope they provide something. I will be using these to generate a sort of place for cut and paste. Where anything drafted here will be in consideration to what ever I polish into something.

Final thoughts on dates

Tomorrow I had it on my todo list for the Synthesizer porject. Mostly updating everything that has been worked on. I will be sure to get it drafted today. My other goals have been inside of getting FFIC more organized in general. My work-from-home if you will... Is not making money yet. However, getting it organized and functional in all areas will be priority before I have kits and things to sell. Its not looking too promising for the publish dates of my books, but I am hoping these kits will be out before then. Again its mostly the paperwork to make everything legal and not just poormans copyrights/trademarks.

If I can't get the paperwork made legal then I will consider making trade marks on my characters and finalize their refference sheets. Color palets, persona's, and refferences to the story board at large. This would at least get my foot in the door. Although.... If it really comes down to it... I will find some one who will help me form my LLC. Its been 15 years from when I first put pencil to paper. My art and writing will take flight and I will fight for this independence.

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