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Some difficult Decissions

I been thinking about how I should get the ball rolling. I am looking into making a sort of cheat sheet. You can think of it as a resume if this makes more sense. However, its going to be a tad bit more. I hope to make a very simplistic document for my skills and work history. A resume is more or less a document with work experience AKA places of work and education. So, with that said; I hope to get a job even though I was going to wait to get a drivers license and a truck. It will be tricky, but not impossible.

My next difficult decission is about selling subscriptions to tutorials. Then you will have a choice of sourcing materials yourself or purchasing my kits on etsy. I am looking at my progress and the cost of making all this work. I know I said in the past I won't be selling ad space or selling subs. However, I am realizing this is an unrealistic promise. There will be free tutorials that will get you started. Then you can go farther by getting subscriptions and or purchasing kits. I will try to make this very clear on etsy that the kits will have minimal instructions for a particular project. You will need both to get the full explanations.

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