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Some Goals 4 Fathom

My birthday was awesome. I know it was just my 30th birthday, but it be cool to see family and friends like that more often. It be wonderful to have them visit on my futur birthdays. Friendship for me gets dificult because of how my art focusses on fantasy. Even art itself spans into many different areas. This can make things difficult for some people of different subcultures to get along with eachother in the same room. Hints why I prefer Christian focused things on a day such as my Birthday. God should be the important one after all. He created me in my mothers womb. Who better to celebrate my day of birth then people who understand this spirituality? Especially a mother dedicated to adoption. A really big part of my symbol the pacifier goes to is adoption and the Holy spirit being the comfortor/counsoler.

Fathom Imaginitive Craft

This name sort of got created by Tsitra360 or also known as Artist360 in the Pony fandom. I would be in the chat room that was parallel to the art stream. This guy always calls me Fathom to shorten my YT name. Not really a big deal because my handle is used by others as well. Lily is comonly used by othert artist and writers. Hints why I call him Little Lily. Just to make him a little different then others. I am learning so much from working with all of my craft as one. I found many ways not to be organbized and how to be easily distracted by random things. Yet, that is what this is all about. A learning process. Takes one to know one right?

A really big goal of mine is to organize everything into three key areas. A place for study and put away adult things. A place to do fine needle work and plan things out. The most important one though is for building complex things. My studio will be in the same area as the place a build things simply because I don't have a fourth room. I have a glass door to my portch which will work for sanding and dusty things. Wood work will partially outside.

Once everything is situated and it actually become functional I will be ready to get things moving. Not only moving, but it will go along a lot faster now that I am not constantly moving things around just to fit a particular stage of a project. Of course my study room is also my bedroom and for painting. Not really much I can do to get around that. I do hope to work a project from its beginning all the way to its finishing toutch without moving a book shelf or a single cabinet just so I can make a particular stage of the process happen. I have high hopes for these plans to work. Especially since I learned so much from what did not work in the past.

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