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Status of progress

I have managed to get a lot done since I took a break from actually moving things from the apartment. I decided to organize more then I was. I also wanted to deep clean because there was dirt accumelating on the floors. I also took June to fast from Face Book. With all this in mind I decided on working on getting things set up for the house. I also worked on my big project via the lab rig. I will do a more comprehensive blog when I have a big portion of it done. Mostly I am waitng on getting my recent spending on this paid off. I needed safer ways to distribute DC power. I basically got stuff primarily for that. Although I did spend money on things for the module I am designing.

Proto Panels

A big part I been working on is the design of proto-panels. This is a sort of trial and error piece. I was going to paint this more, but decided against that due to how many things I am learning from this.

Also keep in mind I will be temporarily having things in arrangements that may not be ergonomic. I still need to get the money needed for the rest of the hardware. I only got enough stuff to make this safe.

Essentially the point of these panels is for developing a design. As in what ever is built on these is temporary until a solid design is decided upon. I do plan on having methods of mounting PCB's and perf boards. I won't be just using bread boards.

Most importantly I am deciding on using a lot of terminal blocks to try and eleminate problems with connectivity. The other side of these boards will be box connectors for ribbon cables. These will be put on perf boards and like you see in these photos wire is soldered to the perf boards and then put into the terminal blocks on the other side. I will explain my process more once I have more completed on this project.


The lay out is inspired by electronics lab kits. Only difference is the gap to allow larger chips and the power strips are layed out to work more ergonomically. This will have many different voltages. One voltage will be dedicated to CV value. This one is the bigger black knob and the LED display on the bottom. Above all that is the power input output. Mostly this is just connected positive to positive and common to common. I will be putting an eternal fuses to branch things off. More on this will be in the offical tutorial.

Side panels


Art Work

I hope to make this rig esthetically pleasing. I also want to make this into a form of art for my books as well. The illustrations are specificall from my books. I will not be announcing when trade marks are made and neither will I when book contracts are signed. (Don't risk a cease and disist letter and or law suit)

This is it for the update. I will se ya peoples later. Until then.... Be the imaginitive you only you can be.

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