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Status "Still Moving"

Still getting things move but, when I do I am planning on writing my books again. I am hopeful that this will be the beginning of June. I will also work on my DIY series here and there when I get stuck on my fantasy series. I will also have days that I will work on other projects. I am kind of thinking my idea of a schedule will be best. I should not narrow in on a particular project because of how that sort of gets me in creators block.

I suppose the first thing to do will be a schedule. Morning is a natural time for me to think. I will be doing writing in the morning, a bit of math, and some drawing. I am hopeful to also get somewhere with my electronics based math. Last time I worked on math I was still perfecting my ability to factor polynomials. I was able to figure out how to do polynomial division. So, that will help me a lot if I start somewhere in there.

Noon time should be devoted to either drafting or in general art work. Just about anything sketching wise. Toword nightfall I will be working on a craft. I been thinking about learning to weave. That would be nice for making decorative pieces for sewing projects. I might rotate these things around or even change the evening craft. Something like paper craft in book binding. At the end of the day I need to have a realistic idea of how far I got on each project. That way I can actually get to publishing them on this website again.

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