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The Basics of Lily

Lily Fathom

Cis Gender Male

Artist Writer & DIY Musician

Christian Babyfur & Tulpamancer

Please read

"It will answer any magical questions you have......"

My Alias is Lily Fathom or Lily for short. In physical face to face life I am a male cis gender. I really don't care what pronouns you use... Just don't call me something weird like "Idaho Potatoe," and we will be fine. If your expecting a safe person to come out of the closet to, but can't agree to disagree then I am not safe for you. If your looking for hospitality while agreeing to disagree then I am a good fit for friendship.

My main goal in friendship is to show hospitality and express a form of kindness without sacrificing my spirituality. I am an artist, writer, and DIY musician. I am a Christian, babyfur, and tulpamancer. How I look and what I am into does not define my gender. I do not fallow gender stereotypes or social constructs. Adoni's library is more important to me then what culture requires I do or say.

I love pastels and non-colored mediums such as charcoal. I am a coder and a electronics enthusiast. I am no audiophile, but some people like to think I am due to my hobby. I like ballanced sounds for leasure listening. For production I prefer a hardware work station instead of a DAW. Audacity is my preffered mastering software because its on Linux and its mostly free to work with as open source.

I plan to use seperate power amplifierss for different ranges of audible frequencies and then pan left and right of each to get my affect. I am still learning circiut analysis and have not gotten the hand of it yet. Although When I do I will build power amplifiers from scratch.

1) Will I draw your OC or Tulpae?

I take requests, but I don't fallow through unless I like the idea of the piece. Give me a refference, a basic description of what you had in mind. If I get board I will do your OC/Tulpae up in a traditional medium. Putting in any request regaurdless of story means I have the necessary ability to post it some where that you and others can see it. This will be my website FFIC. I donot do commissions unless its a very blue moon. Any paid for item is sold as is.

2) Can I draw your Characters

You are more then welcome to draw any of my Characters. Please be sure to refference my Website Fathomistic Fantasy Dot com via a link. Do not art theft by forgetting to credit me for the Character in some way. Similar color palets and or biology will be excused due to how I DONOT go with the closed species concept. Just pleas keep things original by not tracing any of my art and if its an exact copy of one of my Characters DONOT forget to credit me via an attached link to your post where ever you decide to put it. THANKYOU!

3) What Denomination or Sprituality are you?

I am a non-denominational Christian Cis Gender male. I believe I am fearfully and wonderfully made a male in my normal biological reproductive system. I believe in the Bible as Adoni's Library to his bride/church. I do not believe his Bride/Church is a building or a group of people. I believe it is a commitment and fellowship between two or more people. "Where to or more are gathered Adoni is near. He is here with us." In essence Adoni's Library trumps any other doctrine.

4)Why do you not know cannon theory?

I understand headcannon, but I prefer my own. I do my best to note this if things differe per fandom or character. I make mistakes and I mean nothing by it. I have my own imagination. If my imagination bothers you feel free to unfriend or block me. I won't tolerate people who tell me off for a differeing theory to any narrative or illustration. THANKYOU!

Example; I prefer to think of Vinyl Scratch as a femboy or cross-dresser. A sort of merge in his expression of fashion. Thats just my imagination that differs from the original My Little Pony universe. Don't tell me how I should dream or do imaginitve play.

5)BOM stands for Bill of Materials. Please do not assume the worst like newbies or Muggles. Without a bill of materials and data sheets then projects in general would never work. The acronym is to shorthand this to make things more readable by those who may want to do a similar project. Thus my BOM will be there for them to reflect on.

6) What is Cis Gender? Are you gay?

Rest assured I am not gay or trans. I have very lightweight identity issues where I question many things about my self. Gender is just one of them and not in of itself. Rather I question why Adoni made me a male with what the culture thinks to be effemate. Ideally "efffemate," meanse an outward appearence of switching gender. According to Adoni's library this is percieved as transistioning in todays verbage. Which is not accurate to what I am dealing with. My identity in many aspects of my inner persiona is put into question at times. Yet, I am not trans or gay. I am Cis gender in that I try to rationalize my God given Gender.

7) What is ABDL and why I prefer Babyfur

If I have not said it once I will say it many times. I am not fond of this acronym, but it is useful. Adult Baby Diaper Lover is basically where one uses age play as an activity. In my own uses its a theraputic activity.

Unless you are in this subculture its more respectable to call it protective underwear. Which is one of the reasons why I think the acronym ABDL is counter intutive to what its trying to achieve. I prefer the term babyfur because its focused on the aspect of imagination and not just the devices associated with it. Age Play should be a temporary getaway from life. A theraputic activity to deal with ones problems. It should never be 24/7 except where its medically necessary.

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