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The journey ahead for FFIC

Status 3/10/2021

I am hopeful to make it a new habit to update everyday instead of doing Face Book Status’s. That way I have a little more control over the content that I write. While the fair use policy is still an important factor it cannot be used for spreading false witness. I also just want to get away from the chaos that is starting to become prevalent on most social websites. I am also getting a lot more done not having the websites up on my computer along with You Tube. Which by the way, go figure!!!

Yesterday I managed to get my apartment back in the right direction and had a little time to fiddle around with one of my projects I am doing to get the hang of assembling panels. I originally got this Boss Digital Delay (DD-3) from a youth pastor who was very passionate with his position and the youth he cared for. I was a guitar player at the time and this was before I really got into learning piano much less the cello that I currently practice weekly. I ended up making a panel out of wood because I thought it would be worth a shot.

While there was some major obstacles in using a really old plywood panel. Specifically; of the floor board scrapped from a drawer. This also had advantages over a metal panel. One of them being it was very forgiving to paint on. It was absorbent to super glue which is important when using cheap panel mount items. I am considering using poly-acrylic plastic for my first prototype panels, so I can keep the price down. When I have the money to replace proto solder boards with PCB’s I will also replace the plastic panels with more durable panels and interconnects.

The Plan For FFIC

I have been keeping a watch on things in our society. I want to smart about how I go about this website. I will admit that I made a mistake recently with the assumptions I made with a particular audience. I was lucky to have a very passionate friend point out to me the error to what I done. The problem may have been created by my lack of prudence, but it was a necessary learning experience. Not one I would want to repeat again and I was lucky that it got resolved smoothly. A lesson I would certainly take to heart. With that said I do want to make sure I am still creating content regardless of the attacks on freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

The plan at large is becoming all the more clearer as things start going uphill for my team working with me. They want to remain anonymous so I will refer to them as the imaginative team. The imaginative team managed to get funding and are waiting for me to start practicing for my drivers test. Once I have my license I will move to a place that will provide a better solution for Imaginative Craft. Right now I am limited by space which prevents me from going into the different branches o artistic expression. I can only do one project at a time while the other stuff is stored away. Which means if a project hits a monetary road block I lose a significant amount of time due to having to put the current project into storage and then pull another one out that can be worked on.

There is; however, an advantage I have right now that I ill not later on once this website is finalized with a registered business name. I have a lot of writing to do on my books as well as the content in general on this website. I also have a lot to learn about working with an accountant and the programming of websites should I ever get to the point of moving everything on my own stack of servers. Which is a goal of mine in the near future. Right now I cannot afford website servers much less the internet connection and maintenance required. I have been given books to study by some one I am hoping to become a mentor. Covid has put a stumper on my connections to him and I have to study what I have before I can really start work on a computer tech trade. This too is a goal because I am very aware of how the lean seasons of artist can be.

Unedited and

Pictures without text

So, there will be a lot of missing items and free-writing being published. I hope to polish everything by the end of spring and then have everything set up by summers end. I am very hopeful to have studied everything I need to know for a computer tech trade as well as the manuscripts I need to have sent out to publishers. I don’t want to self publish unless I have to. If my manuscripts get sent back after several rewrites and or editing between times of rejection-by-publisher then I will self publish. By then its probably safe to say its not the quality of the writing, but instead its the content. My fictional, fantasy, scifi, series can seem controversial by the nature of the story line.

As for the nonfiction series on my particular imaginative craft I hope to have the first book published either at the same time or sooner. Its not controversial, but the content being my major engineering at home projects will desperately need some form of protection to secure their open source status. While I will provide and or advertise my books on my website I will make available alternatives for those who may not afford to purchase the books. I want people to feel like they can support me by purchasing my books, but they certainly don’t have to. Just about all the schematics will be available except for the polished designs.

The polished designs will be a more advanced approach to every project that will be described on FFIC. Please keep in mind that its important to do your research. Don’t allow me or anyone else to tell you how something must be done. Instead test what you think you know and what people say with comparing other resources out there. Plus this too can stimulate the economy by giving all entrepreneurs an equal chance to provide for the communities they serve. So, don’t take my word for it. Get a good look at who you are on the inside and then make decisions based on what information your able to compare and learn from. Most importantly enjoy the craft you do. An imaginative craft is supposed to portray something about you and the life that you as an individual exist inside of.

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