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Things are going slow

My family wants me to have a dish washer when things start going up hill. I get overwhelemed with dishes and I can't do it all at one time. When ever it gets to the point like it is right now i sort of have to do a little at a time. My new strategy I am trying to put into practice is rinsing everything before I do anything else after eating. This way things will be a lot less stressful and I could get it all cleaned up at the the end of each day.

With the stimulus I spent money on a more official email. If another important document gets lost on the web I will have tech support to retreave it. I also got stuff to make my first proof of concept put together. A lot of pitfalls I had in the pas was because I got the wrong stuff for a power supply. When I finally got the correct parts I then ran into problems with not having the parts needed to make a VCO from scratch. I got a power supply kit and I went ahead and got tools that are absolutely necessary for cutting and shaping metal. I will make a very basic concept that will be completely free for the tutorials. I will have PCB's made to raise money for publishing my books.

Today I will be really working at doing laundry, dishes, and in general cleaning. I hope to have everything picked up and cleaned out by next Tuesday. I will be trying to do the official spring cleaning within the next couple of weeks. I will have this website spotless before July. I feel very accomplished with the work I managed to get done, but it all needs editing really bad. Even my website introduction stuff needs to be rewritten and or updated.

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