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Things are going up hill

I have some rather high goals. In recent events I realized I needed to set much more realistic ones. In the past I considered putting content on here for my non-fiction series. Rather it was in the plan. It still is, but I am creating smaller goals to get the ball rowling. With the 2-year automatic payement I have set this sort of thrown a wrench in the gears. A minor setback, but with everything on my plate I should focus on what I got right now. The monthly budgeting of materials has come to a temporary halt. I also have a surgery comming up. The good news is I will have a lot of time on my hands.

For my lab I will be studying instruction sets and archetectures. For my fictional fantasy I will be writing a pure outline for Molly Charleston and Noah Truman. Spolier! Noah is FFIC's icon Lily Fathom. These two novels will set the stage for a big chunk of what makes these novels what they are. Although Timothy Fathorn and Rosetta Patchling will be the key to the entire generation 3 of gaurdians. Not to be confused with MLP generations because that has to do with a toy line. Also please do not tell people I make pok'mon art or MLP art. These are trade marks I do not own and I prefer to stay off the chopping block Jan Animations has faced. Friends and family be mindful when thall this gets launched and a final LLC is born.

Since we are on trade marks and plans lets discuss this shall we? Right now everything is set into very loose poor-mans trade marks. Names and dates put in with ink and possible sealed envelopes with legal dates. I hope to take this to a more secure protection with copy-rights on the two novels and the majority of the main characters. I like to think of it like heard immunity. By the time you intigrated one of my characters without a "Copy-Right," into a new book its no longer a character I would recognize as my own. In other words even if there was or is a copy-right the character itself would be changed enough to not be worth collecting damages from.

I hope to keep my promise and make provisions for fan art. If people want to make fan art it will only require a link to this website. Although I hope to create some sort of registry within the copyright to give Fur-Affinity, Derpibooru, and Fur-booru the ability to not need a website listing or link. Mostly it will be in my profile on these website. The verbage of, "this account alone," will change to "required artist tag."

If you have not picked up on it by now let me clarify. I will be putting together copy-rights each month on a budget. Primarily until I have enough set in place to finalize an LLC and three year plan. It might need to be a 6-year plan due to how everything is set on a 2-year automatic payment plan. Hints the product of 2 and 6. Wix will be my company to do the server stuff. Although I might get a wild hair and build my own descrete logic server. I really don't need anything fancy and cyber security would be the only major item to consider. I have a deep fascination with number systems. Data encryption would only need penetration testing. Although this will be outside the 6 year window. If my LLC gets put into place wix is almost gaurenteed to host the website. They seem to have been easy to work with thus far. Although Google and Yahoo has been driving me nuts.

My goal is to have the draft of Molly's and Noah's novels completed by August or mid September. Then a year to polish these two. So, in January 2024 will be the set date for the LLC and 6 year plan to be put into concrete. This website will go from blog to official FFIC fictional fantasy and Imaginitive Crafts.

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