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Depending on how things go with the metal panels I might take a break from the electronic aspect of this project. The panels I found recently are really good quality and I am hoping that they don’t all sell too soon. I need 24 more panels to cover the rest of the 4 in total cabinets. Aside from that I need to figure out a basic map of how this system is going to take input, make CV output, and store information. I went ahead and used a marker to go ahead and have the qwerty keyboard part. Its going to look weird for the first two years of its happy life. It will be a happy tree for sure.

Most importantly I hope to get the tutorials a kick start. I was up into the morning hours. Yea, stupid me and a can of Mnt Dew. I did some work on the patch bay and finalized a minimum number of patch connections. On the first patch bay panel it will have 1’500. So, yea I will be looking into buying more panel mount jacks. 100pc’s cost a little more than 20usd. I think I currently have 800pc’s. I plan on finishing the panel by next week end. It won’t have the electronic connectors in it, but I hope to get it painted. That may sound weird. Trust me I did it to a smaller panel and I was really surprised with the method I used to get the paint to adhere to the metal. Its several year old and aside from a few scratches it still has the paint on it. That things been roweling around in my junk pile for a couple years.

I am thinking about finishing the panels first along with the digital multiplexing before I start to work on the OS. In a normal computer there is this thing called a BIOS which means Basic Inputs and Outputs. Without knowing what my ins and outs are then designing a cluster of embedded systems will be kind of pointless. You have to know what is going in, coming out, and what type of media will be put in storage. Back to the arduino IDE. I need digital multiplexers due to how I have analogue right now. They do work, but they cost a lot more than digital. They are overkill if I am only scanning the status of buttons and or rotary encoders.


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