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Year of Promise 2021

Updated: May 15, 2021


Serinity Within Darkness

When I was young my inner being controlled me. I was not much more then the medium of dark rooms of sorrow. I could make decissions, but my inner being controlled the colors. A dull grey and dimly lit washed out colors was inside me. I then decided once and for all to wage war on my inner self. I gave them names and persionalities.

I decided who may stay and who would have to leave. In his name I created an explosion of light. I celebrate this day with my imagined place of serinity within. It has no physical existence, but to me it is very real. It is my home, my shelter, my place I can pray to the God of Moses, of Jerimiah, and of Isreal. It is my wonderland.

Dangerous Magnitism

There is a force that is cunning and is the duaghter of lies. She tempts foolish men and makes them slaves to their own undoing. Do not listen to her or even try to reason with her. She is not a force to reckon with. She is lost and without a single means of recovery. Should you fall into her grasp you will become a slave to her adiction. She is known as the sinister women, "Blind Atraction."


Exclussion Known as Discord

A silent killer is he that causes distruction. Not to be confused with the father of lies for he is a tool for him and not of him. He begins by causing miscomunication then covers it with the idea its normal. Before anyone knew it silence creates lies and false witness. Eventually accusations and mistrust. The bond of love is shattered and nobody knew until it was too late. Discord is the exclussion of critical time spent on a relationship. Love is all forgotten and the bond is only imaginary.

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