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Sewing & Needle Craft

Generalized Aspect

In my own Imaginative Craft I find both sewing and Needle craft beneficial to making it all affordable. I could pay money for readily available items and spend more time on  on my art, writing, and DIY. However, I find this to be a fun way to not only save money in the long run, but also make everything I wear or use customisable. To an extent I probably can't modify my work cloths too far, but if you know what your doing then there are areas you can get away with. All the same, I find this to be a way to make it possible.

When looking at all your hobbies you need to think about which one is central. I think my biggest failure in my past projects is that I spent way too much in an area that does define my craft. You have to decide which hobby is going to be central to your imaginative craft. Which one is going to express your story the most? If it helps, know that I too don't have a central hobby just yet. My calling is in art and writing. However, I have a lot of passion for math and science of technical DIY. Should make an interesting journey for the both of us.

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