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What is Sound Synthesis

Synthetic sound creation also known as sound synthesis is where sound is created from circiutry or manipulation of code. When its in code its manipulation of either samples or code that creates numbers that get converted through a digital to analogue converter. The numbers represent voltage at a given time. With the voltage changing of a period of time you will get a wave form. This is essentially how music is recorded. Recording sound requires a analogue to digital converter. This records voltage levels over time. The more samples of voltage taken per second the more accurate the wave forms recorded. In analogue sound synthesis wave forms can be created through a feed back loop or with a capacitor that stores electrical energy for a short period of time. The smaller amount of capacity the faster the change in voltage level. In other words if the capacity is decreased this will increase the frequency of waves measured in hertz. The faster the wave rises and falls the higher the pitch you will hear. 

Sound Synthesis Projects

While a lot of projects are going to be illustrated in books I hope to  present a reasonable amount here as free-be's. Enough of which to get you started and to fulfill my promise to the DIY community. A Midi to CV computer, mixed-media synth cabinets, and a battery power for PSU's just to name a few. Stuff that is very much so integrated into  big complex project will be in a book. My goal on this website is to take you from something like LMNC or Ben Eater to doing massive systems such as task-management systems and transistor/ operational amplifier projects. For example my project in sequencing MIDI type tracks will very much so be in a book I sell.

Midi to CV Computer "65c02"

With Ben Eater giving new light to the 6502 commonly found in things like Comador PET and old game systems. I personally think its about time there be a MIDI to CV unit designed for it and similar chip sets. This module is a work in progress and I will be exploring different methods to modify this as we go along. One of many projects that are in development. "Links Comming soon"


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