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Prehistoric Projects

Here are some projects I done before I began this website. Perhaps the biggest problem I faced is not being able to remove certian hobbies that took up too much resources. Eventually I found that I should not remove, but instead focus my efforts on one project at a time. Even putting some to the side if I cannot afford to continue them. The only time I start a new project is when one has gotten too demainding on my resources. I put them on the back burner until I can get back to them. The greatest break through was to make everything into the imaginative craft of unlike hobbies. Thus Fathomistic Fantasy Imaginitive Crafts was born.

First Successful Art guitar

This was my first guitar I did on my own that I am proud of. It has its quarks, but it is reasonably playable. My biggest lesson I learned on this was the affect of the over all shape the sound board has. This was originally supposed to be an artchtop guitar, but I took to my own ideas a tad bit too much.


The highest point of the artch should be close to the middle, but under the bridge. Its not enough to make the guitar sound bad. However, it did take away from the esthetics and the sound is not as good as I wanted it to be. It ended up sounding like a fleminco guitar. Not bad just not what I was expecting. I play it on occassion and my father sometimes picks it up when he is visiting.

I mostly keep this guitar as decoration because its centimental and it also has adds to the the room a pleasant esthetic. I will say that this boosted my confidence a lot. I did have to put stringed instruments on hold due to the lack of money and a reasonable plan to make this possible in an apartment. I hope to have my own house eventually.

Draw String Bag Flower Craze

This is a draw string bag that I made and I am most proud of. When the strings are pulled tight the fine crochet at the top forms a decorative flower. I originally had this up for sell, but no one wanted to buy it at my price range. I got a tun of compliments on it though. I ended up giving it to my mother as a gift because I rather it mean something special then to be sold at a price that did not even come close to what I spent on making it.

Mostly its made out of recicled materials, but I did use new materials as well. The cost of maintaining my sewing machine, the thread, and even time itself adds up. If your going to do something to make a living out of your imaginitive craft you need to include the cost of time. Perhaps the most amusing part about this bag is I sat in a waiting room for 5 hours because I did not have a ride home until a friend of mine got off work. I did the crochet at the top while siting around and visiting with people.

Algabric and Geometric Math Notes

Probably the part of my craft I am most fond of is book binding by hand. I like to take my notes and ideas and bind them. Its really relaxing and the end result is something to be proud of. It works really well for my imaginitive craft at large. I find it pleasant to feal the fabric cover and to open it up and remember the ideas through out the whole project. 

The interesting part about this project is that I made it to keep notes in for my pre-calc class. Long story short I did not make it past synthetic divission and I failed two tests in a row. However, I find this project in particular very inspiring to learn it all on my own and to make a strong effort to keep trying even though I may hit dead ends from time to time.

In the works

While the ones above were prjects I done in the past; these are ones I am wrking on. The one question I can't answer is when they will be done. For all i know they might already be finished. There are times when I have to force myself to accept when a project is done. While I may make additions or upgrades to them I will accept that its best to call the phase they are in the finish. That way I can move on to more important projects without having to do constant updates on them. In essence these are the projects that will be dedicated to this website.

Prototype Lil Lily's River

Silent Cello

This is my first succesful cello build. Probably my first attempt at a cello, but I built many failure guitars before it. I knew what mistakes would be fatal and how to avoid them. The only thing I don't like is how heavy it is. I did not realize that the walnut for supporting the strings in the middle section would work so well and i could have made the decorative shape could have been thinner. I could have taken a lot more wood off during the carving stage then I initially did. 

Another mistake I made was putting the neck rout too far from the bridge. So, I had to move the bridge and get different piezos for the new location. However, in the long run this became my favorit part of this instrument. I actually intend to do this intentionally the next cello I make. It moves the upper registers to where I can reach them without doing thumb posistion. Surprisingly after I got used to playing it my ability to go back to a normal cello was not hindered enough to prevent me from playing a traditional cello with a traditionally placed scale.

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